FLUFF: Bachelor and Big Brother gossip. Together at last.

Love. Ain’t it grand? Especially when every aspect of the relationship has been filmed for our viewing pleasure.

It’s always a treat to know how well things go for the couples when they leave the reality world and rejoin the real world. We know you’re asking yourself these very questions: how are they? Where are they? Are they getting it on?

This weekend, we turned to the oracle that is Instagram for the answers…

Question 1: Are BB’s CLAWSON still a thing?

Well, after noting that Cat was riding in the backseat of this Dreamworld rollercoaster, fans were wondering – now they’ve left the dream world of the Big Brother house (and our relentless gaze), is their love off track?

It seems not. Apparently they did what all of Australia wanted them to do over the last few weeks and they: GOT A ROOM.

After riding rides at Dreamworld with fellow-evictee Aisha all weekend,lovebirds Lawson Reeves and Cat Law checked in on the QT to a hotel on the Gold Coast called The QT. The Daily Mail reports that they changed their outfits in their room, so if they are not together, they are very good pals. And it’s that why everyone enters the BB House? To challenge themselves and to make friends?

Question 2: Who joined Sam on her romantic Asian getaway?

Last week, we heard that Sam was dating a bachelor of the Cleo kind. So what did they do together this weekend?

The answer is: *they* didn’t do anything. Sam was busy. Getting her nails done. In Vietnam.

Sam was obviously so miffed by Bachie Blake and Louise’s South East Asian getaway, that she has arranged one of her own.

Sam is in Vietnam with fellow Bachelor finalist Lisa. And Jessica Martin, who is a sex and relationships columnist at Cleo Australia. The ladies flashed matching pedicures and tanned pins.

Sam reports she is riding through the backstreets on a scooter. Which is patently dangerous.

Don’t #dirtystreetdie, Sam!