The move that has fans convinced The Bachelor's Alex is the next to go home.

Bachelor Richie has known that contestant Alex is a single mum since episode one, but it looks like a few baby photos of little Elijah might capitulate the pair’s ‘relationship’.

That’s what Thursday night’s promo suggests, anyway.

In a preview of the episode, the 24-year-old model hands a black photo book to Richie, explaining, “I want you to be able to put a name to a face.”

From there it’s pretty much all downhill because ol’ mate Richie starts to look like this:

Note to self: This is not the expression you want to see when you show your boyfriend-who-has-six-other-girlfriends your family photos. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelor)

If the alarm bells violently ringing in Richie's head weren't already obvious enough, this was all he could muster in response:

"Never have I been in this situation in my life."

"I need to decide whether or not I'm ready for that."

(Hint: I'm leaning towards option B, he's definitely 'not ready for that'.)

Not ideal. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelor)

"Maybe I made it too real." Alex later admits to the camera and probably 45 backstage production staff.

You can't help but feel sorry for the poor girl, who has hardly kept her son a secret for the entire season. Who was she to know a few photos would send Richie into a mega internal meltdown?

Also, if you look at Sam and Snez from last season, the fact she had a child was never a problemo.

If you ask the good people of Twitter, Alex should've known this was a bad move.

The big question is: Will this spell the end for Alex and Richard? (Can I call him Richard? .... No? Okay sorry.)

I guess we'll soon find out.

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