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What you didn't see on TV during The Bachelor's creepy lie detector test.


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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor saw contestants Sophie, Tenille, Jamie-Lee, Brooke, Deanna and Cass face an intimidating human lie detector test.

Put to the test to find out how compatible they are with the Honey Badger, the girl’s were asked questions about everything from their financial habits to their past relationships.

But according to eliminated contestant Deanna, the lie detector test was a lot more intimidating than it looked – and there was a lot we didn’t see.

Speaking to Yahoo Be, the 28-year-old revealed that although we just saw snippets of the conversations, the contestant’s interviews with human lie detector Steve went for around an hour each.

“It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Deanna told the publication. “It’s not every day you’re thrown in a situation with a dark room and a scary man sitting under a spotlight and then paper full of questions for you, so it was very intimidating.”

“The second you see him you already feel guilty and you haven’t even done anything,” she added.

But despite the test questions appearing fairly light-hearted on the show, Deanna told Yahoo Be some of the questions were “very intense”, as they were asked about their beliefs in God and their personal family life.


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Speaking to Mamamia, Deanna, who was eliminated in last night’s rose ceremony, shared how she lost two people close to her while inside the Bachelor mansion.

Shortly before meeting the Bachelor Nick Cummins as an intruder, the former competitive swimmer learned that her brother’s best friend, Michael Owens, had passed away.

Just weeks later, she received a phone call in the Bachelor mansion as her grandmother had passed away.

“She was ill and then got really sick and passed away. It was too late for me to even come back,” Deanna told Mamamia.

“My mind was all over the place. I was dealing with a lot and obviously trying to deal with this new situation of being on camera, and having conversations monitored, and meeting Nick, and just having so much drama in the mansion.”

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