Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. It looks like the Bachelor in Paradise producers have been very sneaky about their casting process.

Gee, has it only been a couple of days since this guy called Brett who no one remembered became the most interesting thing about Bachelor in Paradise so far?

Guess it has.


After Brett Moore was booted off the island on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise because of his relationship with his ‘not official but now official’ girlfriend Stephanie Boulton, the 29-year-old said the producers had set him up.

Now, another guy you might not remember called Ryan Jones – from Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette – has said he too was approached by producers to be on the show even though he also has a girlfriend.

Island Vibes …. Ryan in Paradise

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“I spoke to [Brett] straight after it happened. It was a total stitch up,” Ryan told Daily Mail.

“They knew all along and had even presented her with a contract. They also approached me to go, but I said I was in a relationship… To which I was told ok, you don’t have to hook up with anyone, it’s more like a Bachelorette meets Survivor.”


In a statement given to Mamamia, a Warner Brothers spokesperson via Network Ten said both Brett and Steph failed to disclose their true relationship status.


“Being single and available to find love is a prerequisite for being on Bachelor in Paradise. Brett and Steph were originally contacted as individuals but said they were seeing each other, so we wished them the best and moved on,” they said.

“They both then separately contacted us saying they were now in a position to go on the show, we had no reason to doubt what they said was true.

“Once it was confirmed during filming that Brett and Stephanie were actually dating, Stephanie was no longer eligible for the show.”

See y’all on Sunday night to pick this up where we left off.

We debrief on all the biggest talking points from PARADISE this week. Post continues after audio.

2. Roxy Jacenko has weighed in on the ball-tampering scandal with an important message.

Sydney-based publicist Roxy Jacenko has hit back at trolls attacking Candice Warner and her children on Instagram amid the Australian Cricket team’s ball-tampering scandal.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Jacenko said “it is out and out disgraceful to see how the community – both male and female – feel that it is appropriate to attack both Candice and her two beautiful children via social media.”

Candice Warner’s Instagram post of her three children attracted attention earlier this week, with commenters attacking David Warner, the Australian cricket team and Candice and her children by association.

The 3 little monkeys. Indi, Austin & Ivy. @_rebecca_marsh @davidwarner31

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As no stranger to online trolling herself, Jacenko added: “Not everyone in this world has a thick skin, what’s it going to take for people to wake up and know that this kind of cyberbullying needs to stop.”

Candice Warner is currently represented by Jacenko’s agencies, Sweaty Betty PR and The Ministry of Talent.

3. The Crown has cast their new Prince Philip and… we don’t know how to feel.

Say goodbye to your young Prince Phillip fantasies because Matt Smith is being replaced by possibly the most horrible person on TV.

British actor Tobias Menzies has been cast as Prince Philip for the third season of The Crown.

As in, the guy who plays CAPTAIN JONATHAN BLACK JACK BLOODY RANDALL in Outlander.

He also played Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones, but… BLACK JACK RANDALL? REALLY?

After Smith flawlessly portrayed the Duke of Edinburgh in the first two seasons of The Crown, it’s going to be pretty damn hard to let the guy who effed Jamie up into the Buckingham Palace, in our minds.

Sorry if none of this makes sense to you – you’re going to need to watch Outlander immediately.

Menzies is the third cast member to be announced for the upcoming season. Helen Bonham Carter has been cast as Princess Anne and Olivia Colman as Lilibet.

4. The internet thinks they may have figured out who bit Beyonce.

Call off the search party – the actress who bit Beyonce may have just been found.

According to TMZ, the Beyonce-biting culprit is one Sanaa Lathan.

TMZ claims to have spoken to multiple sources in the know, who all say Tiffany Haddish – the woman who started this whole big mess – pointed her long accusatory finger at Sanaa, 46.



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Apparently it happened back in December at an after-party for one of Jay-Z’s concerts. Sanaa was talking to Jay, and the whole situation made Bey feel uncomfortable. She went over to the pair to confront them, and that’s when Sanaa gave her a playful bite.

The whole thing sounds completely bizarre in our honest opinion, and there’s definitely more holes in this story than you’d find on a golf course, but Sanaa’s half denial on Twitter makes us think it just might be crazy enough to be true.


Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, “Who is Sanaa Lathan and how did she manage to get so close to Beyonce?”, she’s actually been in quite a few movies, TV shows and Broadway productions.

Her credits include Contagion, Now You See Me and she has a recurring role in the TV series, The Affair. So now you know.

5. The Dawson’s Creek cast have reunited for an epic photo-shoot and we can’t stop staring at Jack.

It’s been 20 years since Joey first sailed down the creek and climbed through Dawson’s bedroom window.

What followed was six seasons of incredibly witty, and at some points absolutely tear-jerking, teen drama.

Now the cast has reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot and holy heck, we’re not in the creek anymore.

To see all the glorious photos – including the one of Jack we can’t stop looking at – read our earlier story about the Dawson’s Creek reunion.

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