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1. Babysitter ‘shook baby to death’ less than 30 minutes after mum left for work.

A babysitter had been caring for a 10-month-old baby for less than 30 minutes when she “dangerously and excessively shook him” to death, a UK court has heard.

Viktoria Tautz, 34, had been left to care for Joshua Paul, whose mum had left for work just half an hour before she allegedly gave the child the injuries that killed him, The Mirror reports.

The defendant, of north London, pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. She had told police on the morning of August 29, 2014, she had been playing a “horse riding” game with the child, having bounced him on her leg.

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson told the court Tautz “snapped”.

“On that day, for whatever reason, something snapped in the defendant and for a short while she lost her temper with Joshua and assaulted him causing all those injuries,” said Prosecutor Zoe Johnson.

Ms Johnson said Tautz had then put the child in his cot and heard him making “usual baby noises”.

However, when she later found he had fallen unconscious she called an ambulance.

“(Paramedics) found the defendant, Viktoria Tautz, performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on Joshua Paul, a 10-month-old baby,” Johnson said.


The child was rushed to hospital and then transported to another, but could not be saved and died in his parents’ arms on September 1 2014.

“Joshua died because of a head injury that caused bleeding in his brain, bleeding in his eyes and brain and spinal injuries.”

Tautz had been hired by the family just two months prior and passed all necessary checks.


The trial continues.

2. 28-year-old man charged over the murder of his mother in Sydney’s south.

A 28-year-old man accused of killing his mother in their home in Sydney’s south is due to face court over the murder, AAP reports.

The man’s older brother, 31, found the bloodied body at the Sylvania townhouse about 6.45am on Monday.

Since then, a crossbow and pitchfork have allegedly been found in a car driven by the 28-year-old.

Following hours of questioning on Monday, police charged the younger man with murder and he was refused bail to appear at Newtown Local Court on Tuesday.

The 55-year-old woman, named in media reports as Linda Connors, lived in the Sylvania home with her two sons.

“The (31-year-old) fellow is very distraught by what has happened … he is the one who came across the incident and called police to attend,” Superintendent Michael O’Toole told reporters on Monday.

3. Young, terminally ill patients could be given the right to end their lives in NSW.

Terminally ill patients as young as 25 would be given the right to end their lives with medical assistance under draft legislation to be introduced into the NSW parliament within months, AAP reports.

The draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill would allow patients with reasonable medical judgement and who expect to die within 12 months as well as suffering extreme pain, or physical disabilities to be allowed to choose euthanasia, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tuesday.

Several safeguards would be in place, including a cooling off period of 48 hours, and the right of close relatives to challenge patient eligibility in court, while two medical practitioners would need to sign off on the final decision, among other requirements.


A cross-party working group of NSW MPs is due to release the draft bill for public consultation on Tuesday, and expect to introduce it to parliament in August.

A petition seeking support from NSW MPs for assisted dying laws has received the signatures of more than 40,000 people on Monday.

4. Cardinal George Pell labels new book ‘an exercise in character assassination’.

Allegations aired in a new book of sexual abuse by Australia’s highest ranking Catholic official, George Pell, are nothing but “character assassination” says the cardinal.

The book, Cardinal: The rise and fall of George Pell, by ABC journalist Louise Milligan was released by Melbourne University Press on Monday.

“Each and every allegation of abuse and cover up against him is false. The book is an exercise in character assassination,” a statement from Cardinal Pell’s office issued to AAP on Monday night reads.

“Unlike MUP, the Cardinal will not interfere with the course of justice. He will await the outcome of due process before launching defamation action.”

Victoria Police in March delivered a brief of evidence concerning historical claims of sexual abuse by Cardinal Pell to prosecutors for consideration.

5. Cassandra Sainsbury has received her first visitors in jail in Colombia.

Accused cocaine smuggler Cassie Sainsbury’s fiance Scott Broadbridge has visited her in the El Buen Pastor prison in Colombia.

Mr Broadbridge arrived with a bag of food and a single red rose during a visit arranged by the Australian Consulate, the Nine Network reported on Tuesday,


He made no comment as he entered the jail where his 22-year-old fiancee has been detained since 5.8kg of cocaine was allegedly found hidden inside 18 headphone boxes in her suitcase at El Dorado International Airport in April.

Mr Broadbridge spent about an hour inside before Ms Sainsbury’s mother and sister arrived with several bags and spent a similar length of time visiting, according to Nine footage.

6. Parts of Manus Island detention centre to ‘shut down within weeks’.

The long-awaited closure of Australia’s immigration centre on Manus Island is set to start within weeks, AAP reports.

Papua New Guinea immigration officials on Monday reportedly told refugees that an area of the Manus camp would close next Sunday, with the rest of the compound to be shut on June 30.

An unspecified number of asylum-seekers will be relocated to a transit centre, according to Reuters.

Detainees awaiting acceptance for resettlement by the United States have been told that some of them will be held at the East Lorengau camp, near the island’s major town.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said refugees who aren’t taken under the US resettlement deal will settle in PNG, while non-refugees will be sent back to their home country.

The Manus Island complex was slated for closure on October 31, after PNG’s Supreme Court ruled it illegal in 2016.

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