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The 6 best places to go on your babymoon.

For your last bit of R & R.

It’s your

last hurrah before your world is flipped over, turned backward and tossed through a washing machine. Yep, it’ll be your last quiet and relaxing soiree with a big round bump for a belly.

Babymoons are becoming as common as honeymoons, a romantic getaway before bub pops in to your life.

So of course

it’s important to choose the perfect location for you and your baby’s father to settle in and enjoy each other’s ‘alone time’ before you have an extra little human in your life.

Some of you will want to get as far away from your home life as possible, and others will want to just pop up the road for a short, sweet getaway. Whatever you want, here are six of the best places to go on a baby moon.

 1. Byron Bay.

Think sloooooow pace.

Think sitting on the beach, or relaxing at a funky cafe while taking in the sun and embracing the pace (or lack thereof) around you. If you don’t want to go far and want to get to a place where time could almost nearly go backward then I’d say hit up Byron.

Just chill.

2.  Fiji - lying on a beach.

If you're willing to hop on a short flight

(you'll have to take this one a little earlier in your
pregnancy) then there's probably no where more relaxing than Fiji.

You can lay on the beach or poolside and sip on mocktails, and just bask in your pregnancy glow. Bliss.

Channel your inner Carrie Bickmore.

3. The great ocean road.

A lot of mums-to-be have chosen to take the beautiful stretch of road on the south-east of Australia. It's scenic and peaceful and a great alternative to lying on a beach (if that's not your thing).

Think, beautiful views, quaint towns, cosy accommodation and an open road.

Views like this.

4. Hamilton Island.

This is for any one who needs to get away from it all but don't want to go over the seas to lay on a beach at a stunning resort.

Hamilton Island gives you the crystal blue water, white sand and 'don't have to lift a finger' vibe of an overseas resort, but it's closer to home and easier to get to (if you're on the East coast).

5. Uluru.

For those who really don't want to be on the coast line. If you're pre-baby body is craving somewhere less in need of bikini attire, this is a better option.

Sometimes all you need is to feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by red dirt, animals and nature. Ah the serenity.

If this is your kind of relaxation, then go.

6. Hawaii.

Okay, so this one's a little further and, again you'll have to go earlier in your pregnancy because aeroplanes and labour don't go well together.

But there are loads of options - relaxing at the beach, by the pool and think of all the maternity wear shopping you can do.

Do you have any places to add?

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