Please share: Baby wipes health warning

Experts are warning parents that using disposable baby wipes could be causing skin problems.

According to the latest issue of the Medical Journal of Australia, there’s been an outbreak of rashes linked to baby wipes. Dermatologist Rosemary Nixon, from the Skin and Cancer Foundation reports that an ingredient used within the wipes to prevent bacterial infection is the most common cause of dermatitis.

The ingredient (for those science geeks playing along) is called methylisothiazolinone or MI. While this same ingredient is also found in cosmetics and personal products such as deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens and moisturisers, the trend of skin rashes has been found in Europe, America and now here at home.

The MJA report says that it’s the hands of the person doing the wiping (um, that’s you, right?) that are most at risk of breaking out in rashes.

A new study finds baby wipes are causing parents and carers to be more likely to develop skin rashes.

Nixon reports that the allergic reactions are increasing and points to it being a result of a high concentration of MI within the baby wipes, as well as MI being on the skin too long (or if there is any damage to the hands, like a scratch, that allows the chemical to seep through the surface).

For anyone using baby wipes, it is recommended to check the ingredients (to see if the baby wipes you use, in fact, contain MI) and monitor if they cause you any type of rash. And if it does, to stop using them immediately.

While the reports of dermatitis and allergic reactions are only being noticed on parents and carers hands, we can only wonder what effect it has on delicate baby skin.

 Are you worried by this report? Any good tips for an easy alternative to cleaning up without Wipes?