This is the moment baby Leo sees his mum's face for the first time.

Are you in public? Perhaps at work? Well, find a private little corner somewhere because you’re probably going to cry. A lot. The reason? A tiny, little boy by the name of Leopold Wilbur Reppond.

The adorable bub suffers from a rare eye condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism, which as well as affecting the colour of his skin and hair, significantly impairs his vision.

baby wears glasses

via Newsflare.

Leo had never seen the world clearly, never properly seen his own parent's faces. Instead, he has had to feel his way through life using his tiny little hands.

Until this happened.

His mum, Erin, slips the glasses over his head, his eyes adjust for a second or two, and then he sees her. The grin that spreads across that beautiful little face and the joy in Erin's voice are everything.

Luckily for us all, Leo's film-producer father, David, captured the moment. "I had some issues holding the camera because I was crying so much," he told The Daily Mail.

"I was overwhelmed with emotion. It’s just very touching. You cannot anticipate how you’re going to feel when something like that happens. It was very heartwarming."

baby wears glasses

via Newsflare.

Leo's parents had sought help from a paediatric ophthalmologist to obtain the special specs. The lenses are normal, but the frames are made of a special rubber-like material with no screws or sharp edges.

"He’s smiling a lot more and he can see everybody in the room, he’s interacting more," said David.

"He loves the light and he loves being outdoors where he can see the grass and the blue sky. He loves toys and he’s starting to reach for things. He’s seeing the world differently."

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