Babies 'sleep through' baby-wearing dance class.

Two mums friends who came up with a new idea during a party, might have just started Australia’s new baby-wearing dance craze.

Dance Kix founders Angela Cullen and Donna Hann have recently started baby-wearing dance classes as a way for new mums to get fit – much like the American dancing dads video that went viral.

“We got talking, it was actually one New Year’s Eve we were at a friend’s place in the early evening and we hadn’t previously realised that we both had dance experience and teaching backgrounds. So we just got talking and were like – ‘hey, maybe we should start dance classes?’ – and it sort of just took off from there, ” said Donna Hann.

Dance Kix. Image supplied.

Angela Cullen, 32,and Donna Hann, 34, had been concentrating on raising their kids when their idea changed their careers and got them back into the workforce.

After being inspired by baby-wearing bellydancing clips on YouTube, they came up with their own idea of baby-wearing dance fitness classes.

Baby -wearing dads have been busting a move in the US. Video courtesy of GroovaRoo. Post continues after video. 

Video via GroovaRoo Dance

The pair have two children each and Hann uses her heavy seven-month-old son as a test for her choreography.


"He’s a well-fed bub. He’s 10.5kg now so it’s pretty hard going when I do have him on. When I’m at home and I’m choreographing I wear him so I make sure what I’m teaching in class works for wearing a baby, " said Hann.

"But generally when I’m at class I have sitters for my kids so it’s a bit more professional and I can help the other ladies and it's less distracting for me and I can just concentrate on teaching," she added.

Donna (L) and Angela (R) came up with their business idea at a party. Image supplied. 

The baby-wearing dance fitness classes are a way for new mums get the benefit of exercising without getting a babysitter and older children are welcome to come along as well.

"The invitation is there for people to baby-wear if they want. It’s also really great for the babies to develop their sense of balance with mums kicking from side to side and moving up and down," says Hann.

"I’ve also found through the classes that the mums tend to have a bit of chat and exchange motherly tips and things like that, so there’s a sense of community building within the class as well," she said.

However, the babies are apparently sleeping through it all.

"Most of them nod off within 10-15 minutes into the class," said Hann.

The dance company also run parents and toddler dance classes that are proving popular with fathers.

"The kids just love having daddy involved and we thought it was really special that they get to come and experience it on the weekends," said Angela Cullen.

Dance Kix runs their Mum's Bounce Back classes in Calliope and Boyne Island are expanding to Gladstone city in August.

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