A really easy and cool keepsake for new baby that isn’t a scrapbook.

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There are those who have the creativity and scissor skills for scrapbooking. And then there’s the rest of us.

So put down the glue gun, parent-to-be who feels pressure to all of a sudden be ‘crafty’, and relax. Because there are other ways to prepare a special keepsake for your impending arrival.

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As Bec Judd and Monique Bowly suggested on Mamamia‘s pregnancy podcast, Hello Bump, letter writing is the classic choice.

But if you haven’t got room to store reems of paper or are worried they may fall victim to your partner’s biannual decluttering sprees, Hamish and Andy Show listener, Heath, recently offered a clever alternative.

“I opened up an email address for him the day he was born… and I send him emails all the time,” the new dad told the radio duo.

“With all those funny moments you’ll never remember when he’s older. Because you can do it on your phone instantly. You can do photos and little videos and all these wonderful little things he’ll get when he’s much older.”


It’s an easy way to get family involved, too.

Ask them to contribute photos, or thoughts, even to send predictions for what they think your son or daughter may be doing at the age you give them access to the account.

How Bec Judd and her husband prepared for their twins.

Hamish Blake’s own digital keepsake idea isn’t only sentimental, but functional for little Sonny, now three.

“So I went and bought a deck of 500 index cards, got Sharpie, and every week we sit down … and whatever little scribble he makes we will file away,” the father of two said on air recently.

“Over time, I can film them and put them together and hopefully the squiggles show the evolution of his handwriting.”

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