This guy got a huge and intricate tattoo of his baby on his face.

That’s one way to show your love for your child, we guess.

Christien Sechrist is a 20-year-old father from the US who was really excited about the birth of his baby.

Sechrist was so excited, in fact, that he decided to tattoo a very realistic, very large version of the baby’s face on his cheek.

Sechrist and his baby… face tattoo. Image via Facebook.

Sechrist shared a photo of the tattoo on Facebook and didn’t exactly get the reaction he was hoping for.

His Facebook friends weren’t too happy with his tatt. Image via Facebook.

Look, the tattoo is possibly a bit extreme. But Sechrist said his baby smiled when he unveiled the face portrait and really, that’s all that matters obviously.

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Besides, this is the opposite side of his face. We’re thinking he’s probably not phased by the “haters”.

Sechrist’s non-baby tattooed side. Image via Facebook.


What do you think of face tattoos?