The 11 baby shower presents that are far more helpful than another onesie.

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“Don’t buy any muslin wraps. You will get about 20 at your baby shower. And clothes, you get so many newborn clothes. Wait until after the baby shower to fill in any clothing gaps.”

This was a recent conversation I had with some friends who are pregnant for the first time. As a mum to a two year old, and pregnant with my second, I’ve officially received the “mum guru” stamp (although I don’t think I qualify for that title). One of the biggest things new mums (and mums who are doing it again) worry about, is buying things that we won’t need/use/know what to do with.

It is extremely easy to max out three credit cards when getting ready for a baby, which is why baby showers are so lovely. The presents. I know it is supposed to be about celebrating mum and the upcoming birth, but for all the mums who have been there, we know the truth. We would much rather be lying on the couch finishing a pack of chocolate-covered digestive biscuits than getting all dressed up, being social and celebrating the birth (which we don’t really want to spend too much time thinking about).

But…the presents. Hallelujah, people will buy things that the baby ACTUALLY needs… right? Sometimes.

If you want to be one of those lovely people who buy something for the parents that they will wonder how previous generations lived without, here’s your go-to list.

1. A nappy bin.

Image: Baby Bunting.

Not glamorous, I know. My husband’s best friend got us this at our baby shower two years ago (he texted, asked what I had left on my list to buy). On our first day at home with our daughter, we used this little lifesaver 12 times. We have continued to use it every single day. Sure, we could just use a regular bin, but these little gems lock the stench from poonamis when you just can’t be bothered taking the dirtiest nappy you’ve ever seen to the outside bin at 2am.


2. A comforter.

Image: Save Our Sleep.

What’s the huge fuss with those square blankets with the animal heads stuck on, you ask? If my house was on fire and all my family was safely outside, I would risk my life and run inside to save my daughter’s “bunny”. To parents, comforters mean sleep. But, don’t buy some fancy, one-of-a-kind comforter. Buy one (or two if you really love your friend) that the new parents can easily buy another in case, you know, it decides to go on an adventure at the shopping centre and never return. Desperately searching eBay at 11pm and spending all your savings on the fastest delivery is not fun.

3. A smart thermometer.

Image: Nurofen.

It's something new parents don’t think about until their bub gets a high temperature at 3am on a public holiday when not even the “24-hour” chemist is open. Nurofen for Children have designed a new temperature monitor called the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor. It’s a cool little gadget which continuously monitors the child’s temperature, without disturbing their rest. Place the ultra-sensitive adhesive patch under your child's arm, and they will hardly notice it's there. The patch transmits a child’s temperature continuously to a free app that automatically notifies the parent when the temperature is in a high range. It's a new parent's best friend during those stressful moments, and can be used for little ones from birth to three years old.

4. A sleeping bag.

Wouldn't it be nice to be a baby again so we could take long naps and everyone would be proud of us?

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My daughter despised being wrapped when she was smaller. I scoured the internet for something like a wrap to avoid her smacking herself in the head (damn startle reflex) but be Houdini proof. These are just like wraps, but with a zipper. Even for bubs who like to be wrapped, nobody wants to be doing origami at 2am.

5. Something for the parents.

The ease of leaving the house is something the parents-to-be are taking for granted. A voucher to give them some me, or couple time, will be something they use now before baby arrives and then later fondly remember. A pamper package for mum (pregnancy massage, pedicure, hair treatment) or a gold class movie voucher for the couple. If you are strapped for cash, write out a handmade voucher book with offers to help like "will hold baby while you have a scented bath for an hour" or "first night out free babysitting" (you will literally be watching Netflix while the baby sleeps).

6. A handmade quilt.

If you are one of those fortunate people who are crafty and can sew, a handmade quilt hits all the pregnancy hormones. I received a couple of these and they were and still are so beautiful. I know the time and energy that went into making them and they are so special. Don’t expect them to be used in the cot (not recommended by SIDS) but they will be used in the pram, or as a blanket for bub to lie on the floor.

7. Older clothes.

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Everyone buys the 000 or 0000 sizes – and why wouldn’t they? They are just so little and adorable. No-one goes for the 00 or 0 sizes, which is what the new parents will be scrambling for on a Sunday morning when their baby decides to grow five centimetres overnight. They will also use that size for longer and therefore your outfit is more likely to appear on their Instagram feed (as they will start to get enough sleep to remember to take photos of their angel).


8. Cloth nappies.

Image: Kmart.

No, you will not be sending them an environmental message about the damage nappies do… cloth nappies are good to wipe up projectile vomits, protect clothing/hair/face from burps that are actually spit ups, wipe up poonamis, use between the dirty floor and baby when changing their nappy and the change mat has done a runner, and everything else. They are also white and just need bleach to look brand new.

9. Meal delivery voucher.

As a friend said, “You can only handle so much vegemite on toast”. Sure, your baby shower present isn’t going to get the same oohhs and ahhs when opened, but you will be thought of as the most amazing person to be on this earth when the new parents get to enjoy a fresh and healthy meal delivered to their door.

10. A Netflix subscription.

Image: Netflix.

Babies take a long time to feed, and while they are feeding you are literally stuck where you are. Which is why a Netflix subscription would be the nicest gift ever. Yes, I know as a mum you should be present and savour every moment while your adorable baby feeds - realistically, that lasts about three days. Enter Netflix (with an optional treat bag full of high-energy treats when the cravings kick in mid-feed) and you are one amazing friend.

11. A baby carrier.

Image: Hug A Bub.

Especially useful for second-time parents who need to be able to carry baby while chasing the escapee toddler. Hug-a-bub carriers are all the rage now and are great for having bub super close (which makes them settle so much easier) as well as breastfeeding on the go (because toddlers wait for no one).

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