Attention pregnant women: Baby showers are officially out.

Are you currently pregnant but not a big fan of the tradition baby shower? Not interested in seeing how many pegs you can pick up with one hand? Have no time to change nappies filled with chocolate?

Well listen up mums-to-be – because we may have found a solution to your predicament.

Introducing the ‘welcome baby party.’

A user on Reddit by the name of jwa007 posed the question of whether you could have a ‘welcome baby party’ instead of a traditional baby shower and we must say, we love the idea.

She wrote, “I have never had a good time at a traditional shower, they’re just not my thing, and most of my friends have loudly expressed similar sentiments. I’m also more financially secure than most of my friends, and the idea of hosting an event where they felt an obligation to bring gifts kind of weirds me out.”

Fair enough.

Baby showers are officially out. Image via iStock.

But the soon-to-be mum still wanted to have some form of party to celebrate becoming a parent, as well as the opportunity to introduce her new addition to friends and family.

"I'm toying with the idea of skipping a shower and doing a "meet baby" BBQ (when baby is two to three months old). We have a nice backyard, and then I could drink and there wouldn't be the gifting pressure that automatically comes with the word 'shower.'"

Family. Friends. Your gorgeous baby and a nice glass of wine. What more could you want?

jwa007 posed the question, "Anyone else thinking about doing something similar, or with some experience with a similar event?"

"I'm toying with the idea of skipping a shower and doing a "meet baby" BBQ." Image via iStock.

She received an overwhelming response.

"I'll be doing the same, mostly because my best friend is begging me to let her plan something," one commenter wrote.

"I think this is a great idea, and it's one that some cultures have "built in" to their baby-related social customs," another added.

Another expectant mum wrote, "I'm due at the beginning of June, and would really like to do the same thing. Baby showers make me a bit uncomfortable, and I don't like being the centre of attention. Plus, baby is the point of the party, might as well wait until baby is here."

It seems like there's a common consensus all around. Baby showers are out. Welcome baby parties are in.

Spread the word.

Would you ditch a traditional baby shower for a 'welcome baby party'?

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