"It actually happened. It's crazy." This baby is one in 133,000.

Anyone who is born on the same day as a close relative knows it can have its drawbacks if your family force you to share the birthday attention, or worse – the cake.

Now, imagine sharing your birthday with not one, but two close family members. In fact, make it your parents. That’s the reality facing seven-day-old Winter Elle Henley who was born on both her mum and dad’s birthday.

South Australian couple Astrid Myers, 22, and Chris Henley, 23, welcomed little Winter on July 10 – which just so happens to be their shared birthday.

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The chance of this occurring was about one in 133,000, University of South Australia School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences associate professor Regina Burachik told the Adelaide Advertiser.

Myers told the newspaper that her due date had originally been the 10th, but it had been later adjusted to the 17th.


However, the bub had to be induced a week early because of low levels of amniotic fluid.

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“I was pretty upset when I found out I was going to be induced – I really did just want it to be natural – but it was meant to be. It worked out so perfectly and she is so healthy,” she told the Advertiser.

She said they hadn’t planned it that way, but the pair had joked about it when they first met.

“When we first met and we found out we had the same birthday we joked around, like, ‘Oh, we should have a baby on our birthday’. And it actually happened. It is crazy.”

Do you share a birthday with anyone in your family?

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