WATCH: A baby is miraculously rescued from rubble.

A baby girl in the Syrian city of Aleppo has been miraculously pulled out from a dangerous heap of rubble.

A video going viral this week shows a fourteen-month-old baby being recovered from a dense heap of rubble and dust following an alleged airstrike on her home.

This video shows the little girl, Ghina Khalil, being frantically dug out of what used to be her house by a group of men from the suburb of Maasraniyeh.

After being rescued, she appeared dazed but otherwise unharmed, sustaining no obvious injuries.

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According to the activist who filmed the video, Ghina’s mother was killed and one sister was missing after the airstrike, although her other five sisters survived with minor wounds.

The situation in Syria has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, with over 13 million people in both Syria and Iraq being displaced as a result of the conflict in the last year as according to the AFP News Agency.

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Save the Children reported that more than 5 million Syrian children are in need of humanitarian assistance with another 1 million children having sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

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