STOP IT: A beagle who lost her puppies has adopted a baby possum and now they're BFFs.

In very cute news to get us through the rest of the week, a beagle has adopted a baby possum as its own and our hearts have officially melted into puddles of mush on the ground.

But the unlikely, yet extremely adorable, friendship was born out of tragedy.

Molly the Beagle, who lives with her human family on a cattle ranch west of Melbourne, was left distraught when she recently lost her litter of puppies.

Then, just days later, as though nature had answered her longing for motherhood, she found an abandoned baby possum who she now carries around the property on her back like her own and we’re not crying, you are.

The story – which seems fit for a Disney film if you ask us – first came to us via 9News on Tuesday:

Molly’s owners, Elle and Sara Moyle, say the possum simply jumped onto Molly’s back one day, instantly treating the dog as her new mother. They’ve been inseparable since.

Even though “Poss” – the name the family has given the possum – is nocturnal and sleeps in a nearby tree for most of the day, Molly keeps watch down below.

But when Poss wakes up, the two joyfully frolic around the property and sometimes curl up together for a midday nap.

“They’re an unlikely pair, and I think that possum thought Mol was her mother and vice versa,” Elle told 9News.

“It’s certainly uplifted her mood, they both needed each other I think so it’s been a fantastic relationship,” added Sarah.

The pair have officially stolen our hearts and if the rest of the news this year could be interspecies-BFF-related that would be great, thanks.

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