The popular baby names that have downright unfortunate meanings.

For some parents picking out a name for their baby involves checking meanings to find something poetic or aspirational. Others just go with a name that sounds pretty.

But checking a name’s meaning can come in handy if you want to avoid naming your child after an unfortunate facial feature or a farm animal.

The parents of these popular baby names may wish they’d checked first…


Courtney – ‘short nose’. Based on an Old French word.

Giselle – ‘hostage’. From Germany, this name comes from a practice in the early Middle Ages where rival tribes would offer a person, often a child, to each other as a pledge of peace.

Leah – ‘weary’. From the Hebrew word.

Molly – ‘bitter’. Originated from Gaelic name Maili, a nickname for Mary.

Portia – comes from Roman family name Porcius, meaning ‘pig’.


Cameron – ‘crooked nose’. From the Gaelic name.

Campbell – ‘crooked mouth’. From a Scottish surname.

Byron – ‘of the cowshed’. From the Old English word byre.

Caleb – a Hebrew name for ‘dog’.

Kennedy – from an Irish surname which means ‘misshapen head’.

As you can see, ancient parents were a kind lot who wanted to make sure their sons and daughters never forgot they had facial flaws like a short nose or crooked mouth.

And to all the paranoid Portias out there, I’m sure your parents think you’re beautiful.

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