30 popular baby names and their meanings.

For obvious reasons, we all have a strong attachment to our names.

Everything from how they look to what they mean seems synonymous with our personalities somehow.

So, when you’re expecting your first child, the pressure is on to pick a name that’s strong, happy, and will carry your new bub into adulthood without them trying to attempt to legally change it.

Here are 30 of the most popular baby names along with their meanings.


Amanda - 'one who deserves love'

Becky - 'one who ties and joins' and 'beautiful'

Camille - 'Priest's attendant'

Daisy - 'eye of the day'

Edie - 'fighting to be rich'

Fifi - 'God raises'

Genevieve - 'leader of the tribe'

Hannah - 'gracious'

Imogen - 'young maiden'

Jemima - 'warm like a dove'

Karissa - 'gracious, kind'

Lani - 'heavenly woman'

Maisie - 'pearl'

Nadia - 'filled with hope'

Olena - 'torch of light'

Naughty and nice baby names.



Alfred - 'advice from elves'

Ben - 'right hand's son'

Cadence - 'beat or rhythm'

Damien - 'a tamer'

Edward - 'wealthy guard'

Fletcher - 'one who feather's arrows'

George - 'farming man'

Harry - 'powerful man in the army'

Isaac - 'one who brings laughter'

Jack - 'God is merciful'

Kirby - 'farm near a church'

Leo - 'lion man'

Magnus - 'greatness'

Nicholas - 'people's triumph'

Oliver - 'elf warrior'

Before you decide, here are the names with not-so-fabulous meanings, not that they'd deter us from choosing any of these beauties.


Cecilia - 'blind'

Claudia  - 'lame'

Leah - 'weary'

Mary - 'bitter'

Thana - 'death'


Cameron - 'crooked nose'

Calvin - 'bald'

Kennedy - 'misshapen head'

Seth - 'evil god of chaos'

Tristan - 'sorrowful'

So, what's your pick? Is your name on the list?

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