A mum is copping backlash for the "ridiculous" name she wants to give her baby girl.

A mum who wanted to give her unborn child a non-traditional name has faced the fury of a UK parenting forum, as well as some upset family members.

“No, you’re not unreasonable… just ridiculous and stupid,” one commenter wrote in a response to the mum’s post asking for feedback on Mumsnet.

“It’s not you who has to live with that name but your potential daughter,” wrote another.

So what baby name has sparked such outrage?

The mum, who used the screen name AyGirl wanted to call her child, if she was a girl, Iris James.

Iris is, of course, the name of a flower (and also part of your eye) and while it hasn’t been the most common in this millennium, it is a traditional girl’s name.

Iris is not just the name of a pretty flower. (Image via iStock)

What some commenters really seemed to struggle with was the use of a traditional boy's moniker, James, as her daughter's second name... Right-o.

"Sorry but James is either a boys or surname," one user wrote.

"Why lumber your daughter with a boys name? Pretty ill thought out," agreed another.

A commenter pointed out the possible confusion with the name: "For the rest of her life, ever, she will be Iris Jane anyway because anytime she gives her name to someone, that's what it's going to come back as."

Another user put it like this: "The purpose of middle names is to embarrass the child later in life, so James will be fine."

Other Mumsnet users were more supportive.

"James is a boy's name, but it's also a surname, so I don't think it's completely absurd to use it as a middle name on a girl," one user said.


"I think Iris James is a lovely name," another wrote.

Names like James may be rising in popularity, but these baby names are just about extinct. (Post continues after video.)

The mum-to-be's brother was not happy about the name though, which was the user's original reason for posting on Mumsnet.

“Mother has rang me this morning and said he (my brother) was so upset because he wants to name a son of his James. Keep in mind he is not married or having a child," AyGirl wrote.

"She said that I shouldn't and should save it for him because it will be his first child and a son."

ryan reynolds sex of second baby
A certain famous couple also called their daughter James. (Image via Getty Images.)

As for those users criticising the mum-to-be... If James as a girl's name is good enough for golden couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, it is good enough for anyone

"If a celeb has done it surely it is a green light for us mere mortals to do so also without criticism," wrote one commenter.

'Nuff said.

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