Newborn baby attacked by the family dog.

Would you trust your pet dog alone with your baby?

A newborn baby is in hospital in Sydney after it was mauled by the family’s pet dog in the early hours of this morning.

The parents of the seven-day-old baby woke to screams at 3.30am and found their baby being attacked by their pet alaskan malamute.

According to ABC News, the baby was asleep in a bassinet at the end of their bed.

The little girl was rushed to Campbelltown hospital in Sydney’s west before being transferred to Sydney Children’s hospital in Randwick. She remains in a serious condition.

baby mauled by dog
An alaskan malamute. Image: iStock.

Meanwhile, there are reports out of the United Kingdom that a three-week-old baby died after being attacked by the family terrier.

A man was arrested on charges relating to neglect of the child following the attack, but was released on bail.

The parents reportedly owned the Patterdale Terrier for about a year prior to the attack.

Would you leave your pet dog around your baby?

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