Can you spot what everyone's problem with this picture of baby Leonardo DiCaprio is?

If your first thought when looking at this adorable family photo is, “That woman looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio,” you’d be bang on the money.

That’s baby Leo, his mum Irmelin, and his dad George.

However, that’s not the first thought most people who felt the need to comment on the picture posted by the History in Pictures Facebook page.

The prevailing comment on this cute picture of the recent Oscar winner and his family was, “How dare that woman have armpit hair?”


 The picture was taken in 1976, as if you couldn’t tell – mum’s got a centre-part, and dad’s wearing a cheesecloth shirt.

It was a simpler time — there was no social media, and less restrictive grooming requirements for women.

Here’s the full pic.

whole pic
Women grow hair? From their armpits? WOAH. Image via Facebook.

The ability of a woman to cause public offense with naturally-occurring armpit hair will never cease to amaze me.

Others, thankfully, felt the same way.


So far, the image has garnered 101,000 responses, generally pertaining to armpit hair.

Watch  Leo talking about more important issues that armpit hair, as his proud mama looks on…

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