The Christmas classic a radio station is refusing to play because of how messed up the lyrics are.

The #MeToo movement just found its place in… Christmas.

The cult Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside has been pulled from a Cleveland Radio Station due to the very problematic lyrics.

The song, which was originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944, has been adapted by artists during the festive season time and time again.

It’s a song familiar to the ears of many, having been played on repeat in shopping centres and restaurants alike.

But it’s 2018, and now this song has got to get in the bin. Immediately.

Upon first listening to Baby It’s Cold Outside, everything appears innocent enough.

Then you listen again, more closely, and the lyrics recount a deeply uncomfortable situation that many women are familiar with.

One in which a woman is stuck in a situation whereby her needs and desires and not being listened to, and she is being held captive (though not obviously) by a man who values his own desire for sex more than her basic desire for comfort.

In fact, the entire duet is a man insisting a woman stay in his home despite her pleas to leave.

See the opening lyrics:

Her: I really can’t stay.

Him: Baby it’s cold outside. 

Her: I gotta go away.

Him: Baby it’s cold outside. 

These are… CREEPY.

And then it gets creepier.

Her: I ought to say no, no, no sir

Him: Mind if move in closer?

Her:  At least I’m gonna say that I tried

Him: What’s the sense of hurtin’ my pride?

Her: I really can’t stay.

Him: Baby don’t hold out.


It’s a situation women get stuck in during dates, if they change their mind after going home with a man, or even in a taxi on the way home.

And in 2018, there is no place for the “grey” area.

Enthusiastic consent only.



Read the full lyrics below:
I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)

I gotta go away (Baby it’s cold outside)

This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d dropped in)

So very nice (I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice)

My mother will start to worry (Beautiful what’s your hurry?)

My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)

So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful please don’t hurry)

Well maybe just a half a drink more (I’ll put some records on while I pour)

The neighbors might think (Baby it’s bad out there)

Say what’s in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there)

I wish I knew how (Your eyes are like starlight now)

To break this spell (I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell) (Why thank you)

I ought to say no, no, no sir (Mind if move in closer?)

At least I’m gonna say that I tried (What’s the sense of hurtin’ my pride?)

I really can’t stay (Baby don’t hold out)

Baby it’s cold outside

Ah, you’re very pushy you know?

I like to think of it as opportunistic

I simply must go (Baby it’s cold outside)

The answer is no (But baby it’s cold outside)

The welcome has been (How lucky that you dropped in)

So nice and warm (Look out the window at that storm)

My sister will be suspicious (Gosh your lips look delicious!)

My brother will be there at the door (Waves upon a tropical shore)

My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious (Gosh your lips are delicious!)

Well maybe just a cigarette more (Never such a blizzard before) (And I don’t even smoke)


I’ve got to get home (Baby you’ll freeze out there)

Say lend me a coat? (It’s up to your knees out there!)

You’ve really been grand, (I feel when I touch your hand)

But don’t you see? (How can you do this thing to me?)

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my life long sorrow!)

At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught pneumonia and died!)

I really can’t stay (Get over that old out)

Baby it’s cold

Baby it’s cold outside

Okay fine, just another drink then

That took a lot of convincing!

If this post brings up any issues for you, or if you just feel like you need to speak to someone, please call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) – the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service. It doesn’t matter where you live, they will take your call and, if need be, refer you to a service closer to home.

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