Prepare to feel a million years old: This is what the kids on Friends look like now.

While Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox appear to have stopped time, the kids from friends are all grown up…

If you’re mildly surprised that it has been 11 years since Friends ended, then prepare to have your mind blown by the fact that Ross’s son Ben has just graduated from Uni.

So if you can remember ALL THE WAY back to season one, Ross was married to Carol. Carol turned out to be a lesbian and while she was pregnant, left Ross for a lovely lady named Susan. They had a obnoxious and cheeky gorgeous little boy named Ben.

Remember him?

Remember him? Well, it turns out he has an identical twin, and they just graduated from University. Congratulations, you’re now five hundred years old.

Cole Sprouse played wee Ben, and he and his brother Dylan, now 23, just graduated from New York University. They took to the interwebz to share some happy-snaps of their graduation.

Graduating from NYU.

After Friends there was Big Daddy, and hit Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But the boys want everyone to know, they are not planning on succumbing to the stereotype of damaged child-stars. With Cole tweeting, “We’ve tried to do right, to fix some of the negative stereotypes of child stardom. We’ve had some bumps, but I’m so glad we went to Uni.”

Congratulations. For graduating university and for making us feel older than Betty White.

Congratulations boys, for graduating uni and for making us feel older than Betty White.

But Ben wasn’t the only kid on Friends, and it turns out, wasn’t the only twin either.

In the final season of Friends, Ross and Rachel had their baby, a girl named Emma. As the series ended and Jennifer Aniston started doing less-than-critically-acclaimed romantic comedies to pay her hairdresser bills, the millions of Friends fans forgot about little baby Emma.

Baby Emma. As a baby. On Friends.

What happened to her? Is she stuck in a perpetual Friends world, or did she make it out after the final episode aired?


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Someone on Reddit dug up a photo of what Emma looks like now. And the Internet is not coping with the fact that this tiny child has grown up.

The twins who played Emma are called Cali and Noelle Sheldon. They’re turning 13 this year, which is something we can’t even bring ourselves to think about.

Baby Emma grew a twin, some long hair and an adorable smile. Image via Reddit.

They’re still acting, and still being as painfully adorable as they were when they had to listen to their parents dance to Sir Mix-A-Lot.

If there’s ever a real Friends reunion, we want to see these sets of twins re-enact their roles as Most Famous TV Kids.