Think you know where baby carrots come from? You are wrong.

They’re cute, they’re sweet and they’re a convenient mouthful of carroty goodness. But do you know what else they are a mouthful of? Lies.

It’s time to re-evaluate everything you think you know about the world. Baby carrots do not exist.

Production line after production line of regular sized carrots are sliced into pieces, before being filed into rounded sticks, washed and packaged.

According to the Huffington Post, baby carrots were first created by Californian carrot farmer Mike Yurosek. He developed the sneaky little vegetables in 1986, so he could get more bang for his buck, and sell full sized carrots that would otherwise be deemed too misshapen to sell.

These days we’re all about the organic macro biotic ugly carrots. But as Huffpo report, in the 80’s supermarkets only wanted the brightest and shiniest root vegetables. The cast-offs would be sent off for juicing or become animal feed.

Okay, so we’re saving carrot lives here.