The Sydney family that did an incredible thing for a baby no one else wanted.

A touching end to a tragic story.

A family has claimed the body of a baby who was discovered buried in the sand on a Sydney beach late last year.

The baby’s lifeless body was discovered by two boys, aged six and seven, who playing at Maroubra Beach on November 30. It was buried under 30 centimetres of sand.

After the infant was not identified, local couple Filomena D’Alessandro and Bill Green claimed the baby girl in order to provide her a proper funeral.

baby buried at beach
Police on Maroubra Beach when the body was found. Image: Getty.

“We’re local and my husband is a police officer and he’s worked with many of the officers investigating it [the case],” Ms D’Alessandro told Daily Mail Australia.

“Above all as a mother I wanted to do something for that little girl.”

The couple have three children of their own and have been trying to claim the baby since they discovered police would give it a government-funded “destitute burial”.

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Thanks to Ms D’Alessandro and Mr Green, a service will be held for the girl, named Lily Grace, on Wednesday at the South Chapel in the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.

“I think it’s going to be very lovely, everyone’s come together to put it together,” Ms D’Alessandro said.

The couple has asked anyone wishing to donate, instead give money to the Royal Women’s Hospital.

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