Baby born in a hospital lift after his mother was told to "go home" by a midwife.

A British woman has given birth in a hospital lift after reportedly being told to go home by a midwife.

Antonia Kennedy, from Hull, said she knew she was “definitely in labour” last Wednesday evening.

The 30-year-old said she dropped off her three children at her in-laws and arrived at the hospital with her partner.

“I was examined by one of the midwifes at the time…who said I wasn’t in established labour,” she told The Hull Daily Mail.

After returning home for “five minutes” she made her way back to the hospital.

“My water’s broke inside the lift and as the doors were about to open I said to my partner, ‘I’m pushing and he’s here.’

“He was obviously panicking. It was quite traumatic.”

“The lift doors opened and he had no choice but to pull my leggings down and luckily caught baby Oscar in his arms,” she added.

The mother of four said another couple witnessed the birth along with a porter who went to get help from hospital staff.

Baby Oscar was born weighing just over three kilos (6lb 15oz) and joined the rest of the family at home last week.

“It was appalling,” Ms Kennedy told The Mirror.

“I knew I was definitely in labour but the midwife kept saying she was about to finish her shift and I should go home.”

“It isn’t like I don’t know my own body and it was so embarrassing, the way in happened in front of strangers.”

The mother of four has since received an apology, after making a formal complaint to Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

“We would like to apologise to Ms Kennedy if she feels let down in any way or is unhappy with the clinical care she received, ” Chief nurse, Mike Wright, of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust told The Mirror.

“Pregnancy and birth can be unpredictable, even for experienced women, and situations can change very quickly.

“We can confirm we have spoken to Ms Kennedy and we will be in contact with her again this week.”

Mamamia has contacted Hull Women and Children’s Hospital for comment.

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