The fascinating reason why babies are born with such big lips.

Have you ever noticed that some babies are born really big, calloused lips?

Well, there’s a fascinating reason why this happens.

According to Midwife Cath, some babies are born with huge lips because they’ve been sucking on their thumbs in the womb.

“Some babies will be born with a sucking blister because they’ve been sucking their fingers in utero,” she told Mamamia. 

This finger-sucking leads to calloused lips or ‘sucking blisters’ which makes their lips look larger than normal.

“They’re completely safe, and softer than you’d think, and the callouses will fall off in their own time,” Midwife Cath explained.

“Just make sure you don’t pull them off yourself,” she added.

The sucking blisters or callouses are also common in newborns who are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding.

“Everything that happens to a newborn, happens for a reason,” Midwife Cath assured us.

“This is Mother Nature’s clever way of providing a grip for the nipple.”

So there you have it – mystery solved. And thank you, Mother Nature.

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