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Trigger warning: This article contains information about sexual assault and child abuse, which may be distressing for some readers.

1. Queensland toddler Baden Bond’s parents allegedly told relatives they thought he was ‘evil’.

Queensland toddler Baden Bond was allegedly found in sickening conditions before he disappeared, with the Crown saying he was killed by his own parents.

His mother Dina Colleen Bond, 43, was on Thursday denied bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court after prosecutors successfully argued she could interfere with witnesses, AAP reports.

The court heard Bond told a visiting relative in 2007 that Baden was “a little c***” and refused to let them see him.

Baden’s father Shane Arthur Simpson, who is also charged with murder, allegedly told a witness on a separate occasion that the 22-month-old boy was “evil”.

The witness also alleged they found Baden in his cot covered in urine and faeces.

Baden was last seen on March 27, 2007 during a visit from the Department of Child Safety.

Police allege he died sometime between then and May 17, 2007 at his Wagawn Street home in Woodridge, south of Brisbane.

The court heard Baden’s parents moved in the middle of the night in August 2007 to NSW without telling anyone and did not contact family members for a year.

They have allegedly continuously lied that Baden was either in foster care or staying with relatives.

They were charged in March 2017 after an extensive investigation found no record of Baden attending any school or medical centre in the past 10 years.


The court also heard Bond had another child, a three-month-old son, die in her care but that death was not suspicious.

Bond’s mother Carol Bond had offered to let her daughter stay with her and keep her off drugs if she was released on bail. But Justice Sue Brown found Bond was too great a risk of interfering with witnesses and not turning up to court.

Carol Bond attempted to kick a photographer as she left court.

2. Grieving husband of murdered outback nurse is pushing for ‘Gayle’s Law’ to keep remote workers safe.

The grief-stricken husband of murdered outback nurse Gayle Woodford has vowed to honour her memory by campaigning to improve the safety of remote area health workers.

Mrs Woodford was raped and murdered by Dudley Davy in March last year after being lured away from her Fregon home, in South Australia’s north, late at night.

Davey has been jailed for at least 32 years for his crimes with a judge describing his offending as “callous in the extreme”,AAP reports.

Keith Woodford says he hopes the 35-year-old is never released and dies in jail, and says he plans to devote the rest of his life to supporting the welfare of all nurses working in regional and remote areas.

He will campaign for the introduction of legislation to ensure nurses and other health professionals no longer have to work alone, something that has been dubbed Gayle’s Law.

“I will do whatever is necessary to apply public pressure on governments, health authorities to implement Gayle’s Law,” he said.


“We must act to adequately protect nurses and medical staff in remote areas to ensure the crime that took Gayle away from us will never be allowed to happen again.”

Mrs Woodford had lived and worked in Fregon for five years, and community leaders say her death has cast a “dark cloud” over the state’s indigenous lands.

They say Davey will never be welcome to “return to country”.

3. Nearly 100 dogs have been rescued from a breeder’s property in NSW.

Nearly 100 dogs have been removed by the RSPCA from a breeder’s property in the NSW Southern Tablelands following concerns for the dogs’ welfare.

Inspectors and a veterinarian visited the property near Goulburn on Wednesday and started to seize several dogs under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act before the owner ultimately surrendered 98 dogs and puppies to the RSPCA.

They included dachshunds, French bulldogs, cocker spaniels, beagles and pugs, and were transported to a shelter for further assessment and will receive veterinary care as required.

Police say they are aware of the incident, but the owner of the property has not been charged.

4. NSW Police are set to be granted the ability to ‘shoot-to-kill’.


The NSW government has pledged to introduce strengthened shoot-to-kill legislation for terrorism incidents in accordance with recommendations from the Lindt Cafe coronial report.

The long-running probe into the 2014 siege heard snipers hesitated when they thought they had a clear shot at gunman Man Haron Monis, partially because they weren’t sure they had the legal justification to do so.

Under new powers to be passed in NSW, the police commissioner will be able to trigger a shoot-to-kill directive during terrorism incidents, AAP reports.

The NSW and federal government on Thursday said they accepted all of the coroner’s 45 recommendations relevant to their respective jurisdictions.

An expanded roll out of rapid-fire, high-powered weapons for NSW Police officers will also take place by the end of the year.

Commissioner Mick Fuller said riot squad officers wouldn’t always carry the weapons in public but they would be close at hand.

5. 15-year-old girl told to “shut up” and laughed during Sydney gang rape, court hears.


A 15-year-old girl was at one of her first real parties when she was gang-raped by a group of older teenagers despite her pleas for them to stop, a Sydney jury has been told.

At one point, the girl heard a knock at the door and saw police officers through a window but couldn’t call out, as one of her alleged attackers had his hand over her mouth, the NSW District Court heard on Thursday, AAP reports.

Christian Dickens, 22, Aaron Jensen, 23, and two 21-year-old men, who were underage at the time and therefore can’t be named, have pleaded not guilty to a number of offences including aggravated sexual assault in company.

They are accused of attacking the girl at a Blue Mountains house party in 2012.

In her opening address, Crown prosecutor Belinda Baker said she expected the jury would hear evidence the girl had consumed a litre of wine, possibly more, at what was one of her first “proper parties”.

The girl remembers waking in a dark room to find she was drenched in water and one of the unnamed boys was having sex with her, Ms Baker said.

The unnamed boy was soon joined by Jensen and they assaulted the girl while she pleaded for them to stop, the court heard.

It’s alleged that Dickens later tried to get the girl to perform a sex act on him while the second unnamed teenager tried to force her into oral sex.

Ms Baker said she expected the jury would hear that when the girl kept pleading with Jensen and the first unnamed teenager to stop, they “laughed, saying words like ‘shut up, you love it sl*t’.”

The girl was in the room with Jensen when police officers knocked on the front door but he allegedly covered her mouth and she was too weak to call out, the court heard.

Ms Baker said the sexual assaults continued until the girl regained enough control over her limbs to push Jensen and the first unnamed boy away, and they left the room.

Another partygoer checked if she was okay and called her mother, who came to pick her up, the court heard.

Meredith Phelps, the defence barrister for the first unnamed boy, told the jury her client did have sex with the girl but there would be a dispute over whether it was consensual.

Dickens’ barrister Nicole Carroll also said her client believed he was acting with the girl’s consent, and noted that alcohol and drugs were a factor for most of the people involved. The trial continues.


6. A man and a woman have been charged over the ‘bin murder’ of Ashley Phillips.

A man and woman will face court on today, charged over the murder of a man who was found in wheelie bin in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

A council worker discovered the body of Ashley Phillips as he was emptying a bin at the intersection of Young and Butler streets in Preston about 8am on May 27, AAP reports.

The bin, which does not belong to any residents on the street, was on a nature strip for more than 24 hours before it was collected.

The council worker watched on his TV monitor as the 44-year-old’s body dropped into the back of the garbage truck.

Police are yet to describe the condition of the body or release any details about how he may have died.

Mr Phillips was found wearing a t-shirt featuring Korean pop band Big Bang.

On Thursday, police charged a 35-year-old Preston man and a 26-year-old Preston woman with murder.

Friend Troy Maggs said he was devastated by the death of his friend, and he would be “sadly missed”.

“He was the nicest, most giving man I know,” he posted on Facebook.

“I’ll always cherish our time together and the memories we shared, you were more then a mate, you were my brother.”

The dead man’s cousin Kaz Jessie McGinnis said “heart & prayers goes out to his mother.”

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