Babies that look like grumpy old men is our new favourite thing

Babies look like they’ve got it easy, right? All the sleeping, and the feeding, and the sleeping again?

WRONG. It’s a hard knock life, for some. And they’re showing the age on their little faces.

They might have been born almost yesterday, but some babies look like old men.

A new subreddit, Old Babies, is a collection of grumpy old man babies photos that are too cute to believe.

Their saggy jowls. Their disgruntled frowns. Their receding hairlines and wrinkles etched so deep.

Babies that look like 90-year-old men:

I’d smile but my teeth are in a glass next to the bed.

Or a 60-year-old CEO:

Will this take long? I’ve a board meeting to get to.

Or cheery old Uncles:

How ya been, love?

They’re as cute as a Benjamin Button, and we can’t get enough.

But when you think about it, babies are just like tiny old men. They sleep. They have no teeth. You mash their food, then they sleep some more. And when things don’t go their way, they’ll let you know about it.

Check them out:

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