Note to babies: magazines are not iPads


More proof that Apple has ingrained itself in the operating systems of kids.

In the race to adapt to new technology, we’re all sprinters, running out of puff by the time we hit our mid 20s when things suddenly seem to get…..harder. Think back to your mid 20s (or if you’re in them, become aware of your surroundings). Whatever technology you used then became the benchmark for your future relationship with all things tech.

My mother, for instance, is unparalleled in her ability to flip through a file-o-dex. I taught her to use the Internet but she does so with a grimace and it was more effort than what I imagine it must have been like to train a circus bear to ride a unicycle.

But if you’re a kid, a tiny baby even? The world is your digital oyster. Don’t believe me? Here is a baby who is trying to use a magazine like an iPad:

She’s one. ONE! Do you know what she’s thinking?

“Oh my seriousness, what would possess these people to make an object that I cannot move around with MY FINGER.”

Or at least she would be if she’d even developed language skills yet. All this obvious want for intuitive technology and the kid can’t even speak. Remember when magazines became predominantly colour? We thought that was awesome.

Think about it. This is her normal. Imagine what her future will be like when she’s 30 even!

We recently ran this gallery of things like this that would make you feel old. Pull up your zimmer-frame and take a look:

Got any to add? What are some things you used to use that the next generation are blissfully unaware of? Film in cameras? Fax machines? Telegrams?