Stunning images capture baby's unique head shape immediately after birth.

A birth photographer has captured incredible images of the moment a baby boy came into the world.

The images show Graham’s uniquely shaped head, which is common and a completely normal part of birth.

(Image: Kayla Reeder)

Going into labour on Valentine's Day morning, Kayla photographed the moment Nikki's second child, Graham came into the world.

"Pushing took about an hour, the little man was sideways so his Mama had to work a little harder," she says of the baby's delivery.

"The mum and baby had immediate skin-to-skin contact, and Graham's Father showered them both with love."

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As for the incredible image of Graham's shaped head after birth, Kayla says this was due to his position during labour.

"The moulding on Graham’s head was extra dramatic because of his position," she explains.

(Image: Kayla Reeder)

"His head was tilted a bit to the side so the moulding isn’t centred. Soon after birth the moulding went down and by few days old he had a perfectly shaped head.

"It’s no cause for alarm or concern in this case and his birth was in no way traumatic because of it."

To see all of Kayla's beautiful images, flick through the gallery below:


These images were published with full permission from the photographer, Kayla Reeder. To see more of her work, visit her website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Did your baby have a similar shaped head when they were born? Were you concerned about it?

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