A definitive list of the 5 most awkward moments in Australian television this year.

Ah, 2019. Another year filled with cringe-worthy TV moments that many may wish would never surface again.

But luckily for you, and not so much those involved, we couldn’t let that happen.

Here at Mamamia, we take reflecting on the highs and lows of each year very seriously, and as we approach the final days of what was a glorious year in Australian television, we have done some digging to find you the finest, most awkward moments that took place in 2019.

1. MAFS Dan and Jess on Talking Married.

Who could forget the wonder that was Dan Webb and Jessika Power’s post-MAFS interview that made Australia collectively cringe for seven minutes straight?

Just as we were coming to terms with the fact that our favourite drama-filled show, Married at First Sight, was over for the year, along came Talking Married, directly after the finale’s airing.

Dan and Jessika were known best as the couple that stayed with their respective partners under the false pretensc that they were pursuing their match-made relationship, when they were really looking to be together.

So when it was revealed in the finale that Jess was also interested in pursuing fellow contestant, Nic Jovanovic, before Dan arrived, he was shocked, upset and NOT impressed.

“Look it was hard to watch back… It’s re-scratched those feelings I had back then,” Dan said, referring to the weeks ago when it was filmed.

Host of Talking Married, Ben Fordham then piped in, “just during the ad break, you guys had a bit of a dispute, there were a few f-bomb’s going back and forth.”

Yes. This really went on for seven minutes. Post continues after video.

Video by Channel 9

When asked if they thought their relationship would be able to get past their trust issues there was a long silence before Dan said: “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

He explained that media coverage created toxicity in their relationship before asking Jess, “Do you feel that?”

She then ignored his question and sat there in silence (AMAZING moment) until prompted by co-host Jayne Azzopardi: “Are you going to answer Dan’s question Jess?”


To which she replied: “I don’t think this is a conversation we need to be having on air.”


2. Schapelle Corby’s Studio 10 exclusive.

In an effort to promote her updated book My Story, convicted drug smuggler, Schapelle Corby, who was this year released from a Balinese prison after serving almost 10 years, gave a TV interview that left viewers squirming.

Appearing on Studio 10, Schapelle talked about her struggle with mental health during and after her time behind bars.

But as Ten cut from introducing her story to the panel where Corby sat alongside the hosts, Schapelle was crying.

“It’s really hard… It’s hard to watch,” she said.

The confronting interview came to another particularly awkward head, as Kerri-Anne Kennerley asked the 42-year-old where the profits from her new book would be going, as it is illegal to profit from a crime in Australia.

“Well, it is not about money. It is about me finishing my story. It is about going back and being cathartic to myself and my supporters, to let them know what really happened,” Corby explained.

But KAK didn’t stop there.

“It is not about money, but where will the profits go?” she asked.

“I am not sure… it’s true, I am not sure,” Corby stumbled.

We’ll let you take a look for yourself.

Video by Channel 10

3. The Bachelorette’s Jamie and Ciarran’s shared kiss on The Project.

Remember that time when we were eagerly watching Angie Kent’s *journey* to finding the love of her life, and two particularly memorable contestants, stage-five-clinger, Jamie, and the love of our life, Ciarran, left the mansion in the SAME week.

Well, with upsetting eliminations come great post-show interviews, one in particular where both boys appeared on The Project.

The interview was off to an awkward start as Gorgi Coghlan asked Jamie to give Ciarran a hug from the panel due to his grandmother’s passing.


Not only did fireman Jamie fulfil this request, he also planted a big kiss on Ciarran’s cheek despite his recoiling co-star.

Uh... Yep. Image: Channel Ten

"Woah, woah, woah, bit much. That's a bit much for me... Don't get on stage five with me now, pal," Ciarran joked.

"Oh mate, that’s stage six buddy, come on," Jamie stuttered back.

Safe to say viewers felt the tension straight through the screen as the unlikely pair forced uncomfortable chit-chat.

“Omg what an awkward interview,” one Facebook user put it simply, and yes. Yes it was.

4. The Today Show's failed banter.

Speaking of banter that just doesn't translate through the TV, let's not forget the Today Show!

Blame it on the early morning start maybe, but there was one particularly awkward encounter between hosts Tom Steinfort, Georgie Gardner and Deb Knight and sports presenter, Tony Jones, that left viewers cringing.

It all began with a simple question: What food would you include on a menu for french visitors to Australia?

"A four-n-twenty pie," Tom Steinfort suggested. Innocent enough.

"A kangaroo burger, maybe," Georgie suggested and ABSOLUTELY NOT, Tony would not have a bar of it.

“Oh, you’d just go and slaughter a kangaroo, would you, Georgie?”

Cue the awkward "banter".

Georgie defended her decision: "Kangaroo meat is readily available across Australia. That’s not uncommon."


As the two mumbled about not eating Skippy, Deb jumped in to try and lighten the mood.

"Is Archie with you today, TJ?" she asked, referring to his beloved cavoodle.

"Deb, we’re at a racetrack," Jones hit back. "Probably not a great idea to bring the dog, I wouldn’t have thought."

"I thought it might’ve been good to have Archie there to cheer you up..." Deb explained. “OK, well sorry for asking. Never mind. Good on you, TJ."

The group then sat in silence for a moment, Georgie adding "I could see where you were going... never mind."

secret santa gifts
Yeah... We could see where you were going, Deb. Source: Giphy

5. Teena McQueen on Q&A.

The ABC aired some particularly spicy panels on Q&A this year, but none as bizarre as one that featured liberal party federal vice president, Teena Mcqueen.

In response to a question about the NZ Prime Minister's response to the Christchurch Terror attack, McQueen aimed to diminish the achievements of Jacinda Arden, saying: "We did that years ago. The Liberal Party did that years ago with John Howard," and yes, that is lovely, but it's not a competition.

As the audience laughed along, because well, obviously, McQueen snapped: "You think that’s funny? John Howard did do that. Jacinda Ardern is copying exactly."

Oh... Okay.

In this same episode, she also defended Trump's grab her by the pussy comment by saying: "I just made a joke about a cock earlier on. I don’t think there’s much difference there," and wow. It was a wild ride, 2019.

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