Pregnancy is a magical time. But sometimes, it can be downright awkward.

Pregnancy is a magical time and it’s not surprising that many couples decide to have a photo-shoot to mark the special occasion.

When you’ve waited 12 weeks to share the news with family and friends, it makes sense that you want some beautiful pictures to accompany the announcement that you’re expecting.

But there is a fine line between a gorgeous photo of your pregnant belly that you will be proud to frame and share with your loved ones and a photo of your partner lovingly taking a baseball bat to your bared stomach.

Image supplied by Awkward Family Photos.

As these awkward pregnancy photos show, sometimes even the best intentions can go oh so wrong.

And if you do happen to get your beloved pet horse to lick your pregnant belly, maybe don't share that bizarre moment on the internet.

Did you take any awkward photos when you were pregnant? 

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