Confession: I had a mortifying encounter with Anne Hathaway.

Today, we’re sharing our most awkward, hilarious and intriguing celebrity encounters. What’s yours?

I was on my way to a work function in New York when it happened.

I was desperately lost in the middle of Central Park, running late for pre-show dinner near the park’s lake.

After the dinner, we were going to watch Anne Hathaway performing in Shakespeare in the Park. I had looked forward to the evening for ages, and I really didn’t want to miss it.

So, desperate for help, I anxiously glanced around and tapped the nearest passer-by on the shoulder.

Quickly, I garbled: “I’m late to the Anne Hathaway play! Do you know where they perform Shakespeare around here?”

The tiny lady in the big hat swung around and looked me straight in the eye and… you guessed it.

It was Anne Hathaway.


Anne Hathaway was actually really lovely and didn’t call me on my mistake. But in her head she was totally like: IDIOT.

Mortifying as that was, it turns out I’m not the only one in Mamamia team to have put my foot in it, celebrity-wise. So today, we’re sharing the most awkward, hilarious and intriguing celebrity encounters. What’s yours?

The time Gerard Butler pashed Gemma.

“I was at a party once, just minding my own business chatting to some friend’s, when I suddenly get grabbed by a guy, smothered by his arms, and kissed,” Gemma says. “It was Gerard Butler.”

“I suddenly get grabbed by a guy, smothered by his arms, and kissed.” – Gemma

She adds: “I was initially like, ew, yuck, who is the gross guy grabbing me. Then I saw him and thought, aaaaaaahhh, I’m never washing again!”

The time Tony Abbott demanded a selfie with Elissa.

Enough said.

The time Tim Freedman threw shade at Kahla.

“I saw Tim Freedman (from The Whitlams) in a bar and walked up to him and said ‘Are you Tim Freedman?’ He just looked at me blankly and said, ‘Not tonight’,” Kahla says.

“Serves me right for asking lame questions…”

The time a celebrity admitted he was a fan of Amy’s.

“I lined up at a sci-fi convention to meet Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek). My friend and I got a photo with him,” Amy says.

“And then we asked him to sign it: ‘To Amy and Kirsten. From your biggest fan, Wil Wheaton’. He seemed to hate every single moment of it. But we were still so chuffed.”

The time Guy Sebastian read the bible right next to Monique.

“I sat next to Guy Sebastian on a plane. Right after he won Idol,” Monique says. “He read a bible the whole time.”

The time Russell Crowe casually handed a $100 bill to a homeless woman.

Okay, this one’s mine again.

A couple of months ago, I saw Russell Crowe in celebrity disguise (cap pulled low, shades, carrying a box of pizza) casually pull $100 from his wallet and hand it to a homeless street artist on Sydney’s Oxford Street.

He was with his two boys, who were kicking a football, and I loved that he wasn’t seeking praise or recognition for it.

Go on: What’s your celebrity story?