This is exactly how much money 12 women have in their bank accounts right now.

Have you ever wanted to take a peek into someone else’s bank account?

I’ll be honest, I have.

Many times.

And with a new report revealing that a quarter of Australian households have less than $1000 in savings to their name and one in 10 people spend more than they actually earn, I’m even more curious.

I anonymously surveyed 12 people to find out exactly how much they earn and how much money is sitting in their savings accounts right now.

Here’s what they told me.

Nanny, 19

This millennial takes home a neat $54,000 a year working as a nanny. She’s saved a whopping $36,000 but she’s “always looking to save more”.

Civil Engineer, 30

This civil engineer pockets a salary of $180,000. She’s saved $35,000 and is on track to purchase her third house.

“I’d like to be able to save more but I’m pretty happy with where I am. But living in regional NSW helps to keep costs down.

Registered Nurse, 20

This millennial nurse is working straight out of uni. She’s on a salary of $60,000 and has saved $3,000, which she’s pretty chuffed about considering she only started working full time three months ago.

“I’ve been able to save a little and still live my life.”

Library Technician, 49

This library technician has $50 in savings to her name, but she does take home $60,000 a year from her library technician role.

She does have a savings plan, however – she deposits $400 into her husband’s account weekly so they can continue saving for a house deposit.

“What I don’t see, I don’t miss. Works well for us.”

Speech Pathologist, 29

This speech pathologist needs to teach us her ways! She earns $85,000 annually and has a mind-boggling $70,000 saved.

“I’ve saved my ass off… I’m very proud of my efforts and made sacrifices to get ahead.”

Stay at home mum, 31

For this SAHM, there’s no salary – she takes home $0 a year.

Despite her non-existent salary, she’s still managed to save a decent chunk of money, saving $7000.

“I love having a safety net, just in case.”

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Finance, 28

This 28-year-old works in finance, but she’s not doing too great with saving money. Although she takes home $75,000 a year, this millennial has zero savings.

“I am hopeless…”

Personal Assistant, 44

For this personal assistant, saving is hard work. This 44-year-old earns a $72,000 salary and currently has $2000 saved.

“I should be doing better but I waste a lot of money… I’m currently working on getting my spending under control.

Accounts Manager, 25

We really want this accounts manager to teach us her ways. On a $67,000 salary, this 25-year-old has a hefty balance of $30,000 saved. She describes her savings as “a great little nest egg” after buying a house AND going on overseas holidays. Seriously, teach us your ways please?

Accountant, 40

Although this 40-year-old has a $105,000 salary, she hasn’t got as many savings as she’d like.

With a home loan, debt and a family to raise, this accountant has got $0 in savings to her name.

Midwife, 46

Working as a midwife, this 46-year-old earns $55,000 annually. But with debt, she hasn’t got anything saved.

“I am in debt $15,000… I would love to have the recommended safety net savings but it is not possible.”

Bartender, 22

This bartender has $2000 saved, and she earns around $18,000 give or take each year.

Although she’d like to save more, inconsistent rostering makes things hard.

“Anything I put in savings usually gets taken out by the end of the week.”

Do you have any saving tips?