The entire Internet is obsessed with these photos from 1913.

The lady in red has captivated the Internet.

A photo series has landed on the Internet that has everyone with a computer absolutely captivated. The series, taken by photographer Mervyn O’Gorman in 1913, show a girl in red pictured in a number of landscapes.

But the reason everyone is enthralled isn’t because the photos are 102 years old, or even because the photos themselves are so beautiful.

It’s because of the beautiful vibrant colours.

From the very early days of colour photography. Photography by Mervyn O’Gorman.

When you occassionally see photos from 100 years ago, you see black and white.

Colour just wasn’t a mainstream thing. But Mervyn used a techniqued called ‘autochrome’, where he would use potato starch to create the bold colours.

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The photos are incredible. Take a look.