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1. Parents heartbroken after video shows bus aide hitting their six-year-old autistic daughter on her way to school.

The parents of a Chicago primary school student with autism heave been left heartbroken and furious after video has emerged of a bus aide hitting their daughter, ABC 7 Chicago reports.

Nicholas Rushing, the six-year-old girl’s father, said his “blood boils” after watching footage of his daughter Kayle being hit across the face twice by the aide.

“I think about it and it just makes me mad. She shouldn’t have to go through that,” he told ABC 7 Chicago.

Kayle’s mother, Madeline Norley, said the video footage “makes [her] want to cry”.

“As a mum, just seeing that, it’s disgusting,” she said.

The six-year-old’s parents said the incident has been particularly hard to come to terms with, as their daughter is non-verbal and was unable to speak up about the abuse.

“She can’t come back and be like, ‘Dad, this lady hit me, not just once, she hit me twice’,” Nicholas said.

The couple was alerted to the incident last week when the superintendent of the school district contacted them and showed them the video.

The video shows Kayle getting upset when the bus aide sat near her and “invaded her personal space”. The six-year-old became upset and spat on the aide, who then turned and slapped the girl in the face twice.

“When she’s having that meltdown, she needs that space and be able to mellow it out herself. And she does it,” Nicholas said.


“She is an awesome kid and she is super sweet and for this to happen as a dad it almost feels like I failed her…I don’t think I have ever been more mad in my life.”

Kayle was not injured in the attack, but her parents said she had been “acting weird” since the incident and now reacts differently around strangers.

Police are still analysing the video, and charges are yet to be filed. The executive director of the bus contractor who employs the aide said there was an “on-going investigation” in regards to the incident.

2. Body of Australian man found inside Bali villa in suspected murder.

The body of a man, believed to be Australian, has been discovered inside a rented Bali villa and was possibly fatally assaulted, local police say.

The man, believed to be a 63-year-old from Perth, had moved to Bali around three months ago and was renting a villa in the popular seaside town of Sanur, AAP reports.

Police said his friend reported last seeing him drinking at a local bar on Saturday night.

When the man’s friend made several unsuccessful attempts to contact him he went to the man’s villa, only to find it locked.

Fearing for his safety, he went with the villa’s owner to the property, at around 4.20pm local time on Monday before jumping the fence and noticing a splatter of blood near the porch. From outside he could see the man lying naked on his bed and called out to him but received no response.


The house was locked and there was broken glass from a cabinet inside the villa.

“On the floor of the middle room there were a lot of dried blood spots,” South Denpasar Police said in a statement.

Police said the man had suffered several wounds to his arm, forehead and cheeks.

“The first possibility is that the foreigner died due to an assault as there are wounds on his body. The victim also had a habit of drinking alcohol…so there is a possibility that the victim died due to be drunk and falling and hitting glass.”

Forensic testing of the blood found within the property is being undertaken, as is an autopsy.

A knife has also been collected as evidence, police say.

Police said the man is also believed to have had a history of heart disease.

3. Budget set to include $6 billion for NDIS and demerit-point system for welfare recipients.

A demerit-point system will be introduced for welfare recipients who don’t turn up for job interviews or work-for-the-dole appointments under a series of reforms to be announced by the Turnbull Government.

News Corp reports that slack jobseekers will start losing payments when they reach four points, and when they get to seven points will be stripped of payments for eight weeks.

The demerit-point system is just one of the major welfare changes expected in the federal budget handed down in Canberra on Tuesday night, with the Newstart allowance also to be rolled into other payments and rebadged.


Off the back of the announcement, Treasurer Scott Morrison will be looking to fill a $6 billion hole with the Turnbull Government reportedly set to fully fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme beyond 2019.

The Australian reports the NDIS funding will be the centrepiece of the 2017 federal budget social policy, set to be revealed when the government outlines its spending plans on Tuesday.

It comes after a bitter political fight with Labor over how to fund the national scheme, which the Coalition argues was not properly funded when the Gillard government established it.

The funding gap, which expands to $6 billion annually from 2019, will be closed by savings measures secured in the Senate this year and further savings in the budget.

There was also a proposal to cover the entire $22 billion scheme through a one per cent Medicare surcharge on the highest-income earners, but it wasn’t clear whether the measure made it into the final budget plan.

4. Two men convicted after teenage girl was assaulted while ‘throwing up’ in the toilet.

A jury has convicted two men in relation to the sexual assault of a teenage girl, who was raped while she was being sick in a toilet, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Loyd Bandao, 22, and 29-year-old James Bruce were convicted of sexual assault in company for being present when another man “ripped the girl’s pants off and raped her” at a house party in Blacktown in Sydney on June 21, 2015.


The men were found not guilty of also sexually assaulting the 18-year-old woman.

The woman was raped by Billy Joe Alcazar when the three men entered the outside toilet where the intoxicated teen was vomiting

“I ripped her pants off she turned around and started smoking [having oral sex] with Loyd and I started rooting her,” Alcazar told the court.

Alcazar had previously pleaded guilty to raping the woman, and gave evidence against the two other men in exchange for a shorter sentence.

He said he assumed the woman was consenting because “she never said stop or anything”.

The pair are due to be sentenced shortly.

5. Tradie saves paramedics seconds before horrifying truck crash.

A quick-thinking tradesman saved a group of paramedics just seconds before a truck crashed into their ambulance, 7 News reports.

The man shouted for the paramedics to run out of the way, as he saw a B-Double lose control on Melbourne’s East Link on-ramp. The paramedics had been called to the scene to attend an earlier accident.

“I sort of yelled at everyone to get out of the way, pushed them in the direction to run and that was it,” hero plumber Artie told 7 News.

Artie had stopped to help the earlier accident when the sound of an oncoming truck caught his attention.


“I heard the truck…I think it was braking and I looked up and saw it swerving. Once I saw that it was just time to get out of there.”

6. Sniffer dog busts man with $500k of ice hidden in his undies.

A NSW man has been charged with drug trafficking after more than $500,000 worth of the illegal drug ice was found hidden in his undies after a sniffer dog led police to him at Hobart Airport.

According to AAP, the 32-year-old man was identified by the police dog as he disembarked a flight from Sydney on Sunday with officers uncovering a package containing 522 grams of methamphetamine concealed in his underwear.

Tasmanian drug detectives will now work with their NSW counterparts to determine the origin and intended destination of the drugs.

“It is a significant seizure for us and any time we can take this amount of drugs off the street is a good day for Tasmania,” acting Inspector Marco Cosentino said on Monday.

The man has briefly appeared in court and been remanded in custody.

“We will be in close liaison with (NSW police),” Insp Cosentino added.

Four drug dogs work across Tasmania, with a focus on airport arrivals.

The man’s detection on Sunday was random, police said.

7. Australian customs officials mistakenly destroy “irreplaceable” plant specimens.


An awkward quarantine mix-up has seen Australian customs officials destroy “irreplaceable” plant specimens that were on loan to scientists from New Zealand and French institutions.

According to, the samples of lichen, which dated back to the 19th century, were sent to Australia to help aide research when they were intercepted by customs officers due to inaccurate paperwork.

Customs officials decided the samples posed a potential biosecurity threat and incinerated the plants.

“The department concedes the unintentional proceeding with destruction of the specimens was premature,” a spokesperson for the Australian government department said in an emailed statement.

“But it does highlight the importance of the shared responsibility of Australia’s biosecurity system, and the need for adherence to import conditions.”

The French and New Zealand institutions who loaned the specimens said they were not informed of the decision to destroy the lichen, nor were the Australian scientists who were due to receive them.

The samples were going to be used to determine whether new plant species had been discovered in Australia, Michelle Waycott, professor of plant systematic at the University of Adelaide and chair of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, told

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