Australia's Top 10 "Sexiest" Jobs...and the one that didn't make the cut.

When it comes to what each of us considers sexy, it’s all relative. I mean if you asked me I’d say tradies are pretty sexy. They are usually fit, a little unkempt, good with their hands, happy to attend to my home’s every need…

I digress.

Elite Singles has compiled a list of Australia’s Top 10 Sexiest Jobs by looking at data collected from 87,000 registered users who chose from a list of 1000 jobs.

Strangely, IT guys didn’t make the cut although if you ask them, they considered themselves and their beards/their man-buns to be incredibly sexy.

Images courtesy of iStock and EliteSingles

If they ever looked up from their computers and bothered to make actual eye-contact they might be in the running.

Repeat after me guys...a computer is NOT a life-partner.

Australia's Top 10 Sexiest Jobs according to EliteSingles

1.    Model
2.    Interior Decorator
3.    Entrepreneur
4.    Real Estate Agent
5.    Personal Trainer
6.    Interior Designer
7.    Coach
8.    Business Executive
9.    Marketing Professional
10.  Sales & Accounts Manager

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