The two photos that landed perfect scores on last night's Australia's Next Top Model.

It’s not every episode that a model on Australia’s Next Top Model snags a perfect photo score from all three judges.

And it’s definitely not every episode that TWO models achieve the same feat.

On Tuesday’s penultimate episode of the series’ tenth season, during which the contestants traveled to ~Italia~, aspiring models Daisy and Sabine did exactly that.

The Milan riverside snaps were overwhelming praised by host Jennifer Hawkins and fellow judges Megan Gale and Alex Perry, and they’re enough to make you pack a bag and grab your passport.

Both Daisy (left) and Sabine (right) received three 10s from judges Jennifer Hawkins, Alex Perry and Megan Gale. (Images: Fox8/Australia's Next Top Model)

17-year-old Sabine was even lucky enough to get the ultimate compliment from sunglasses aficionado Perry, who told her, "I've waited my whole life for this picture".

But if you thought that photographic perfection would mean both girls would progress to the finale, think again buster!

In an unfortunate twist of events, despite her #perfect and #flawlezz photo, Daisy was sent home.

The three 10s the 19-year-old received weren't enough to save her lackluster 7.5/10 casting challenge score, bringing her total to 37.5. Fellow contestant Linnea joined her departure, finishing with a total combined score of 36/40.

If being booted after delivering a perfect shot isn't harsh, I don't know what is.

Linnea's photo (left) received two 9.5s and a 9, while Aleyna (right) scored one 9, one 9.5 and one 10. (Images: Fox8/Australia's Next Top Model)

The last models standing are New South Wales teenagers, Sabine and 16-year-old Aleyna, who's been a front runner since Episode One.

The finale of Australia's Next Top Model will air next Tuesday at 7.30pm on Fox8.

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