The photo that shocked Australia's Next Top Model judges into giving a perfect score.

Tuesday night’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model started out like any other – with A LOT of squealing.

Gemma Ward was announced as a guest judge for a challenge where the girls had to write a script and speak (something they would never, ever have to do in the real modeling world), and were told they’d be shooting in an iconic location for their next photo shoot.

OoooOOo! Where?! An exotic island? A European city? TOKYO?!

No. Tasmania.

I’m not one to diss the natural beauty of my home country, but a few seasons ago the top 20 contestants got to go to Paris for a photo shoot.

Tasmania seems like a bit of a rip off to be honest.

Anyway, they shot at Cradle Mountain, a place my mum has raved about many times, so I presume it really is very beautiful.

Yeah, it's okay I guess. Image via Fox 8.

But it was against this stunning backdrop, in temperatures so cold that one girl was literally sent to hospital, that we were gifted a very rare Top Model moment: a perfect score.

Yes, the scoring system is odd.

Yes, it seems very brutal to literally assign a number to a photograph of a human woman.

But receiving a perfect score this early on in the competition is a big deal. And the girl to receive perfect 10's across the board was 17-year-old Aleyna from Newcastle.

When Aleyna's photo was shown to the judges, they were taken aback.

Megan said, "That’s your shot, sweetheart. That’s your shot," while Jen enthusiastically commented, "You look so amazing. Look at your body! Wow."

The image that received a perfect score. Image via Fox 8.

Megan continued, "You’ve nailed the movement—it’s effortless. You’ve got this great strength in your face without it being stilted or strained. You look like a warrior woman."

Jen said, "You keep evolving and growing. I love seeing the transformation. Here you’re such a sweet 16 year old, [Aleyna is 17] and here you look fierce, and I can’t fault this. I love it so much. So it’s a 10."


Megan then gave the photo a 10, adding "it's perfection."

Alex Perry, the harshest judge by far, was also wildly impressed. "My benchmark is if I look at the photos you guys do, and I think that I could realistically see that in the pages of magazine, then that’s what I give a 10 for," he explained.

"I can see it in ELLE magazine so it’s got to be a 10."

Receiving the first perfect score of the season, Aleyna was understandably excited.

Of course, other girls weren't so lucky.

Christie and Jessie received bad feedback, with Christie being told she looked like a "distressed actress."

Ouch. Image via Fox 8.

Ultimately, Jessie went home, for not being that great at the not-at-all relevant challenge and not looking 'fierce' enough in her photo.

It seems like Aleyna is the clear favourite to take out the competition, with fans saying they picked her as the winner from day one.

She definitely is very good at walking through water with a jumper AND bikini bottoms on while holding a fishing rod. You guys - it's FARRRSHUN.