We've spotted one detail in Australia's Next Top Model that could change the entire competition.

Let me preface this by saying I’m a huge fan of Australia’s Next Top Model. Huge.

I’ve watched every leggy, catwalky season with delight, fascinated by the contestants and the difference between a perrrrrrfect photo and a mediocre one (hands, people, it’s all in the hands).

That said, it’s taken me approximately eight seasons to realise the program has a potential flaw – one that potentially renders eliminations bloomin’ pointless.

The photo selection, people. THE PHOTO SELECTION.

Whenever I see a bleh shot from the photoshoot pop up in front of the judges, the first thing my cynical heart thinks is “well… was that REALLY her best photo? Or was this chosen as her photo because the producers and judges think it’s her time to go?”.

Cmon... we've all thought it. (Image: FOX8/Australia's Next Top Model)

You see, the models are always surprised by what image is deemed their 'best', giving the FOX8 team control over what image is selected.

But if you think the process is a little... open to manipulation, you needn't worry.

We spoke to the network's spokesperson, who revealed the photos aren't chosen by the judges or production team, but the photographers themselves.

"The photographers that shoot the models choose the images that make up part of each challenge," FOX8 told Mamamia.

"The contestants on the series are not given the opportunity to choose their own shots as this is not normal practice in the industry."


We do wonder, though, would the fairest way to do things be asking the models to choose their own photo? It certainly would test their knowledge of the modelling craft.

Plus, a scene where the girls select their best photo to show the judges every week would be kinda gloriously dramatic, no?

What do you think, should the models select their own photos?

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