Australian woman ‘bound and raped’ in front of boyfriend during Samoan holiday.

Trigger warning: This post contains an account of a sexual assault and may be triggering for some readers.

An Australian was woman was allegedly raped in her hotel room by an intruder wielding a pair of scissors while on holiday in Samoa.

Angie Jackson says her boyfriend of four years, Tommy Williams, was forced to watch helplessly as she was bound, gagged and sexually assaulted in front of him in the couple’s hotel room.

“All I could think about was my family and friends, and how I might never see them again. I begged for our lives. I told Tom I love him. Over and over,” she recounts on a GoFundMe page.

Angie and Tommy. Source: GoFundMe.

 Angie gives a graphic account of the alleged attack, which took place on the final night of the couple's holiday in September 2015.

She explains she had woken early to head to the airport for their flight home and emerged half-naked from the shower to find an intruder crouched in the corner of the lounge room.


"The man came towards me with a pair of large dress scissors raised high and straight at me," she says.

Her screams were loud enough to wake her partner and who got up, "only to be faced with a very aggressive figure as the scissors were directed towards him."

"In fractured English, he told us to be quiet or he would kill us."

Angie says the man then forced them back into the bedroom, turned off the lights and forced them to the floor.

They handed over their cash and offered him their valuables but "he said that wasn’t enough, before tying them up on the floor and gagging them.

"I felt his hand run along my back. I was shaking like a leaf. He asked me why I was crying, like he was taking pleasure in my terror. I told him I was scared," she says.

"It was then that I was sexually assaulted, flipped on my back and raped. He finished, he tried to wipe me clean, and replaced my underpants."

After being rescued by a hotel manager, Angie says she was then subjected to an "agonising" 48 hours in hospital, including having a rape kit performed on her.

The couple made it home with the help of the Australian Federal Police and the Australian High Commission and their alleged attacker has since been identified and arrested.

They are currently trying to gather the funds to travel back to Samoa to testify at the man’s trial in June as well as pay for therapy to help them deal with post-traumatic stress.

"Money certainly won't erase what happened to us, nor will it speed up our healing," Angie says.

"But it will take away any financial pressure ... as we try to find some justice for the evil that we were dealt. And most importantly, it will put this man behind bars, where he belongs, for a very long time."

You read more on their GoFundMe page.