Australian Survivor's Zach said he always planned to be the show's villain.

You guys, Zach from Survivor claims he wanted everyone to hate him.

That’s convenient, because Twitter is Not. A. Fan.

The personal trainer was eliminated from Australian Survivor 2018 Champions vs. Contenders at Tribal Council on Monday night after getting into a stoush with the women of the tribe. The episode featured a double elimination, with the Contenders also losing Anita earlier in the episode.

Before the vote Zach claimed the team was falling over because the women in the Contenders were not as strong as those in the Champions.

Zach told Mamamia he doesn’t regret his tirade – in fact, he planned it.

“I knew I was going home well before tribal council. It may have looked [like I didn’t] but that’s not the way it went down at all, I knew I was a goner and that’s why I went out guns blazing.”

Social media has not been kind to Zach.

The 39-year-old has been consistently criticised as chauvinistic and sexist, and though he admits he was a bit of a uh, dick, he denies being a misogynist.

“Obviously this is by design, I went in there to act the villain. I wanted to ruffle some feathers, I wanted to have some fun with this whole thing,” he said.

“I talked a lot of shit about a lot of different people, but the only stuff that kind of made the cut was stuff I said about the girls so really it kind of puts me in a light that for some reason I hate women for something like that.

“Which obviously couldn’t be any further from the truth because I’ve got a partner of seven years, we’ve got a couple of girls, I was raised by a single mum.

“I love women.”

Zach says he planned his attack on the ladies before Tribal Council. Image: Supplied.

Zach's message to those on social media is just, well, lighten up.

"It's a character on a TV show, try not to take life so seriously. Just enjoy the ride, you know it's just for a bit of entertainment," he said.

"You've got to understand, you guys are getting five second bites of the controversial stuff that I say. It's not an accurate representation of my personality whatsoever and I think people need to understand that. The people editing this are building characters of their own and they're putting these portrayals across to everyone else.

"I think to believe that people are the way they're portrayed is naive."

Zach said the game was extremely tough right from the beginning.

"There's so many different elements of the game which make it so difficult. Obviously the food is so hard, you get a cup of beans and a cup of rice, that's all you get every single day so you're constantly starving, you never kind of get past that and the hunger keeps growing and growing. You're tired all the time because you're sleeping in the dirt. You've got no pillows, you've got no blankets..."

"The game just never stops, it's in your head 24/7. You're constantly crunching numbers and thinking about 'okay, if this person goes I talk to that person, that person said this to them and did they actually really say that or are they lying?'. It's really stressful, so that was really tough."

As well as battling hunger, lack of sleep and constant mind games, the filming process was never straight forward.

"It's not as smooth as it looks. There's a lot of 'okay, walk the beach again, walk the beach again, okay we're going to do it with a drone this time', and there's a lot of that sort of production stuff going on."

He may not have won Survivor, but Zach has left the island with a bit of empathy.

"It's very, very real. It gives you a real understanding of what other people in the world must being going through," he said.

"Like that first night when we got dropped on that beach and I was in shorts and a singlet, we had no fire, we had no shelter... I didn't think we were going to make it through the night."

"It's very real so you get a real empathy for say, the homeless. You know it's been cold out here, it's been raining and these poor people are trapped out there with no fire, no shelter. I can only imagine what it's like to live like that, I mean doing one night like that was absolute hell on earth."


Zach is putting his money on a Champion taking out the title and is backing Lydia.

In any case, the Twitterverse is just glad it won't be him: