Survivor's Flick reveals why having your period on the island was "completely messed up".

It probably comes as no surprise that the women on Australian Survivor have a lot more to deal with than their male competitors.

Like not being able to shave, for one.

And of course, that inconvenient little thing called your menstrual cycle.

53 days on an island = guarantee period. Image via Channel 10.

While some contestants were lucky enough to be able to skip Aunt Flow's visit during their time on the island, the recently-eliminated Flick told Mamamia that for many others, it was a huge inconvenience.

"That time of the month, that was a big thing for the girls, too. Our hormones were just messed up out there," she said.

"It was completely messed up. You might have got your period for like a week straight, and then you might not have had it the whole rest of the time. Everyone was having problems with that."

Flick said a lot of women had problems with their menstrual cycles on the show. Image via Channel 10.

Unsurprisingly, changes to diet and exercise patterns (like, say, moving to a diet that strictly consists of rice and beans, and having to compete in extreme physical challenges) can affect the frequency of a women's period.

So too can stress, which can send your body into 'fight or flight' mode, stopping the body from ovulating.

But an irregular menstrual cycle wasn't the only problem Flick faced while on the island: she found herself very insecure over her body hair.

"When my armpit hair started growing, I was very insecure about that. I felt like I couldn’t even raise my arm up," she told Mamamia.

"I felt very insecure about my underarm hair" said Flick. Image via Channel 10.

"Even the hair down there, you couldn’t really wear a bikini or things like that because it was a bit gross."

Luckily for Flick, she managed to overcome her insecurities about her physical appearance while on the show.

"Halfway through I was like, wait, why do I care? I need to not care about my physical appearance," she said.

"In a way, Survivor really helped me stop being so materialistic and care less about my looks."