EXCLUSIVE: We asked Survivor's Matt to explain his pre-elimination outburst. He responded.

At the conclusion of the first episode of Australian Survivor, 35-year-old, Brisbane-born Matt was the clear villain of the Contender’s tribe.

He was the first survivor to leave Savusavu, and in the first tribal council of the season he managed to isolate himself from the rest of the tribe, expose the ‘Bromance alliance’ and make more than a few gender generalisations.

He left the show on a particularly sour note.

The traffic police officer wasn’t exactly a hit with the fans either, with viewers calling out his behaviour on Twitter:


However, when speaking to Mamamia about his little outburst, Matt hinted viewers weren’t shown the complete behind-the-scenes dynamic.

“The ‘Bromance alliance’ was really tight along with Tegan – that wasn’t shown last night and I actually called that out during tribal,” he said.

“I took a gamble and it didn’t pay off.”

According to the 35-year-old, by the time it came to the Tribal Council, he was already aware of his delicate position in the group, and chose to go out with a bang… which he undeniably did.

“I was not in a good place in the group starting from night one,” he said.

‘”I was still trying to work a few angles with a few of them and tried to get a bit of an in but was just getting bad vibes,” said Matt, going into detail about his difficulties ‘infiltrating’ the Bromance.


“Nobody could have predicted how close the big boys were going to get so early on. As soon as we got back to from the beach, they just clicked instantly.”

“I never was going to be apart of that ‘bro’ alliance because I’m not a bro. I don’t do weights, I don’t go on protein diets or whatever those big guys are doing – that’s all they wanted to talk about.”

Watch Matt’s exit interview from Survivor.

Instead, he took a risk with his tell-all rant and while it didn’t work, he said at least he got an opportunity to “shake up the game”.

“You put in all that effort to get on the show and I knew there was a great chance of me going home on the show so I thought ‘let’s see if there’s a chance of shaking up the game'”

“No one wants to be the first player out, and the worst thing is being the first player out and not having done anything in the game.”

“It was either going to be me or him so I tried to make a bit of mayhem and make them suspect Steve.”

Unfortunately, this worked against him.

He accused Robbie, Benji, Heath and Zach of creating a ‘pact’ against the rest of the team, and urged the girls (mainly Anita, Fenella and  Shonee) to stop “flying under the radar”. However, if he could have his time again on the show, there are a few things he would do differently.

“Had I shut my mouth I might have survived,” he speculated and said he ruined his chanced of teaming up with Steve as soon as he outed him for searching for the totem.

“I kind of wish I hadn’t. He would have been great to work with.

Australian Survivor 2018: Matt
"I played my own hand and after getting to tribal council and I took a gamble and it didn't play off," said Matt. Image: supplied.

As for his controversial "time to start playing the game, ladies” statement, we asked him to explain his thought process behind the moment.

"It was targeted at Shonnee, Anita and Fenella and that was strictly because I knew those three were tight," he clarified.

"Get those big players out now while you have the numbers. That's all I was saying."

Instead he thinks they should have bonded together to vote out the head of the 'Bromance aliance'.

"I was at the bottom of the food chain, so it that's them playing the game, I don't know if they picked the right target," said Matt.

"They could have used me as a vote, I would have gladly gone in with the girls.

"I only wrote Steve's name to tip the odds in his favour, otherwise it would have been Zach all the way."

Now that Matt has been eliminated from the competition, the person he's picked to win the Survivor title just might surprise you.

"Teagen is by far the smartest player in that tribe," he said, honing in on the 32-year-old management consultant from WA.

"It took me a few hours to realise the 'bromance alliance' that was happening but within the first hour or two on that island she picked up on it straight away."

"She latched herself onto them quicker than you could turn around."

Otherwise, he's pegged Steve as the dark horse of the tribe.

"I know it looked like we were rivals on the island but I meant it when I said 'I knew your game plan and I respect that you're a game player,'" he said.

"I really hope he finds that idol, shakes things up and blindsides someone."

Survivor continues tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30pm. You can catch up on last night's episode on Ten Play. 

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