Australia, meet your 24 castaways on the new season of Survivor.

Over 15,000 Aussies applied for the third season of Survivor Australia, but only 24 lucky contestants made the cut.

(Although, being stranded on an island with little to no food, water or shelter isn’t a situation that should be described as ‘lucky’, if you ask us…)

Now, Channel 10 has revealed the names and faces of those who will be battling to ‘outwit, outlast and outplay’ each other while stranded in Samoa.

With careers ranging from radio host and charity worker, to model and firefighter, there’s bound to be more than a few personality clashes when this crew gets Gilligan’s Island-ed together.

(That’s a lot more than we can say for the latest batch of Bachelor contestants.)

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the guys about to make a Wilson Volleyball their best friend:

Andrew, 29, Brisbane, Queensland, Marketing Executive

Barry, 44, Cairns, Queensland, Radio Host and Ex Rugby International

Bianca, 36, Melbourne, Victoria, Private Investigator

Brooke, 23, Melbourne, Victoria, Sales Executive

Conner, 23, Canberra, ACT, Law Student

Craig, 32, Brisbane, Queensland, Emergency Services Recruitment Officer

Des, 59, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Courier Driver

El, 33, Brisbane, Queensland, Army Corporal and Charity Worker

Evan, 30, Melbourne, Victoria, High School Teacher

Flick, 23, Gold Coast, Queensland, Personal Assistant and Bartender

Jennah-Louise, 27, Gold Coast Queensland, Law Graduate


Kate, 28, Perth, Western Australia, Financial Analyst

Kat, 26, Perth, Western Australia, Partnerships and Brand Manager

Kristie, 24, Sydney, NSW, Senior Account Executive

Kylie, 38, Melbourne, Victoria, Firefighter

Lee, 40, Brisbane, Queensland, Aerial Photographer and Ex Pro Cricketer

Matt, 29, Adelaide, South Australia, Magician and Mentalist

Nick, 28, Adelaide, South Australia, High School Teacher

Peter, 62, Canberra, ACT, Air Traffic Controller

Phoebe, 27, Sydney, NSW, Criminal Lawyer

Rohan, 28, Melbourne, Victoria, Model

Sam, 28, Sydney NSW, Charity Co-Founder and CEO

Sue, 59, Perth, Western Australia, Personal Trainer and Retired Customs Officer

Tegan, 33, Sydney, NSW, Personal Trainer and Model.

Scouring the list, we can already see who we think will make the best Survivors.

Our picks?

Kylie, a firefighter who would be handy to have around in case a campfire gets out of control; Phoebe, a criminal lawyer who we’d love to have on side during the inevitable ‘who cleans the toilet’ arguments; and Flick, a personal assistant and bartender who could help us drown our sorrows liven up the party every now and again.

The first peek at the hot new series hot our screens last week, and it sure looks… steamy.

Watch the first look at Australian Survivor…

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