Survivor's Brooke says her friendship with Flick is still on the mend following her eviction.

It was one of the most successful blindsides to take place on Australian Survivor to date, and one 23-year-old Melbourne contestant Brooke certainly didn’t see coming.

Voted out by her alliance on Monday night, the 23-year-old said although watching the episode back was difficult, it also helped provide context to Flick’s – her closest ally on the show – decision to flip.

“People kept warning me that she was sneaky and to watch out, but perhaps I was blinded by our friendship because I just didn’t see it,” she admitted. “I had no idea those conversations were even going on.”

Australian Survivor Brooke

Brooke with her closest ally turned blindsider, Flick. Source: Channel 10.

Forming an alliance with Flick, Matt and Sam within days of arriving on the island, Brooke was one of the strongest competitors throughout the season, winning multiple immunity challenges and orchestrating a number of game-changing eliminations.

And perhaps most incredibly, her name had never been written down at a tribal council until her elimination on day 45. A feat few other contestants could boast about.

"I'm really proud of how far I got in the game," she says firmly.

Australian Survivor Brooke

Brooke being awarded individual immunity. Source: Channel 10.

And despite having spoken since the filming wrapped, Brooke says the bridge between she and Flick is still being mended.

"We're obviously not as close as we had originally planned to be," she says with a laugh before adding, "we've definitely spoken but it's just going to take some time. But it's this unique shared experience that not many other people understand."

When asked about the "mean girl" labels she and Flick have been bestowed since the show started airing, she explained, "there was just so much that wasn't shown."

"If it had been three guys running the game they'd be labelled 'legends'. I think people just didn't like it that three young, intelligent women were in control," she added.

Australian Survivor Brooke

Brooke with her top three pick, Sam. Source: Channel 10.

As for who she'd like to see make it to the final three, the answer is simple.

"Matt, Sam and El," Brooke said before adding finally, "but I think the boys might be in trouble now after last night's tribal council."'

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