Australian Survivor's Brooke and Flick share why they are receiving disgusting death threats.

Survivor Australia’s strongest alliance have revealed the extent of the hate and abuse they are experiencing online, after the three women have surfaced as the major strategic players in the competition.

Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton and El Rowland have told they are floored by the abuse and have said the comments they are receiving are “horrible”.

“I’m copping a lot of hate,” said 23-year-old Jowett, who currently works as a Social Media Co-ordinator for former Bachelor Sam Wood’s fitness app.

“Some of the comments I’m getting are disgusting. I’m even getting death threats and people saying they want to punch me in the face. It’s just been horrible.

Egginton also admitted she’s been on the receiving end of multiple death threats.

“I’ve had some people say pretty horrible things too,” added Egginton.

“I hope Flick dies, all that kind of stuff.”

However, for single mum El Rowland, she is amazed at the double-standard employed by fans of the show, who she believes wouldn’t be commenting if the three women were men.

“I’m really baffled (by the reaction),” she said.

“I think it if was a three guy alliance, they’d be labelled as the ‘Strong Guys’ alliance. To call us ‘Mean Girls’ — what is that based on? I haven’t done or said anything mean.

“We’re three strong girls who have seen our opportunity and have taken that. We’re good at challenges and we’re good at our social game.”

The comments come after evictee and retired customs officer, Sue, told the Huffington Post that although the trio had a strong alliance while she was in the game, nothing is forever nor sure in the game of Survivor.

“In theory, you do stick to your alliance but as we’ve seen time and time again in this game it fractures very quickly,” Sue said.