Survivor fans have ripped into "absolutely putrid" decision in last night's episode.

Monday night’s episode of Survivor Australia: Champions vs. Contenders featured a particularly controversial elimination.

The Champions team was sent to tribal council after they lost the second puzzle challenge, something that put a target on world series poker player, and supposed puzzle master, Jackie Glazier. Despite this, former Special Forces Commando – and double amputee – Damien Thomlinson was voted out by the tribe.

Prior to the council, some tribe members described the former commando as a “liability” – something viewers saw as ableist and discrimination against people with disabilities.

Fans of the show criticised the fact that throughout the first three episodes, Damien was instrumental in helping the Champions team win challenges, in particular the throwing challenge in the first episode, but Jackie had yet to prove herself.

And they aired their grievances on Twitter accordingly:





Since his elimination, Damien has continued to be a keen spokesperson for people living with disabilities.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the 38-year-old says he hoped his appearance on Survivor would inspire others.

“Hopefully anyone who is in a similar position will use that as a little piece of motivation to do something they won’t expect them to be able to do, give them the confidence to step up. I would do it again tomorrow,” he says.

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