Perth mum of quintuplets shares beautiful photos from their first shoot.

The parents of five newborn babies have shared moving images of their beautiful quintuplet clan.

The pregnancy of Perth couple Kim and Vaughn Tucci was what you’d call a one in a million-type story.

But in truth those numbers are a little off. It’s actually a one in a 55 million story, because such are the odds awarded to those who fall pregnant with quintuplets.

Yep. That’s one, two, three, four, five babies.

The images, which were captured by photographer Erin Elizabeth, show the bubs bundled up, individually, sleeping peacefully.

Born via caesarian in January, the quintuplets arrived at just 27 weeks and remained in hospital for a further six before finally going home.

Having been previously told that the couple were unlikely to conceive naturally due to Kim's endometriosis, the arrival of the quintuplets was news that temporarily knocked the couple out.

But four girls and one boy later, and the family, who already had two young daughters and a son from Kim's previous relationship is now up to a grand total of 10 and thriving.

"50 fingers, 50 toes, 6 hearts beating at once" Kim wrote on her blog, before adding that she and Vaughn now change 350 nappies a week, and do a staggering 40 feeds per day.

Kim with her quintuplets. Source: Erin Elizabeth Photography.

While the day-to-day management of Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, Beatrix and Keith is managed by the two parents and an army of family and friends, Kim admits that the transition has been an incredibly tough on.

"I have so many lives depending on me," Kim told 60 Minutes, before adding that since the birth, she sometimes "locks herself in the bathroom and cries on the floor".

And while the surprise has filled the young family with joy, the cost of caring for five newborns is as you can imagine, pretty steep.

Having to now travel in three seperate cars to actually get anywhere, the couple's grandmother has started a GoFundMe to help raise much needed funds for a new, 10 seater vehicle.


The family were blessed with four girls and one boy, all born in January. Source: Erin Elizabeth Photography. 

Kim's grandmother Denise writes, "Kim and Vaughn are a loving, close and family orientated couple, and feel blessed to have received the gift of five perfectly heathy babies. Kim is a wonderful mother and Vaughn a fantastic father, the pressures placed on this young couple go far beyond what many of us could ever imagine. Each day they strive to make their family as happy as they possibly can without passing on their worries and concerns to each other.

"They are looking to buy an LDV G10, as this is the cheapest car in Australia big enough to carry their huge family to medical appointments, meetings, school runs, shopping, and everywhere else a young family needs to go.

"The reality is they are a long way from being in a position to buy this car and pay for the extra child seat anchor points that will need to be fitted and they are desperate for any financial assistance, however small, to get them closer to their goal. "

Since first being launched 24 days ago the page has reached close to $20,000, half of the total goal.

Kim and Vaughn speak with 60 Minutes below.

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